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Hydrophysics. Hydrology5
V.N. Malinin, S.M. Gordeeva. Caspian sea level as an indicator of large-scale moisture cycling in the ocean-atmosphere-land system5
A.V. Tolstikov, N.E. Galakhina, R.E. Zdorovennov. Hydrophysical and hydrochemical studies in the Kem' river estuary in September 201921
Hydrochemistry and sediments32
G.T. Frumin, N.A. Malysheva. Water quality changes in Lake Pskovskoe (2000–2018)32
A.V. Leonov, M.V. Zobkova. Bod kinetic parameter values from long-term experiments (with different integrated water samples from the central part of Lake Onego)40
P.A. Lozovik , N.V. Kulik, N.A. Efremenko. Lithophile elements and heavy metals in Lake Onego: sources, concentrations and transformation62
Z.I. Slukovskii, V.A. Dauvalter. Features of Pb, Sb, Cd accumulation in sediments of small lakes in the south of the Republic of Karelia75
Hydrobiology and ichthyology95
J.V. Krylova, E.A. Kurashov, A.G. Rusanov. Comparative analysis of the component composition of the low molecular weight metabolome of water smartweed (Persicaria amphibia (L.) Delarbre) from diverse habitats in Lake Ladoga95
D.Yu. Karnaukhov, E.A. Kurashov. On nighttime vertical migrations of amphipods in Lake Ladoga115
Research methods125
Sh.R. Pozdnyakov, R.R. Shagidullin, S.A. Kondratyev, A.Yu. Bryukhanov, M.V. Shmakova, N.S. Oblomkova, A.T. Gorshkova, D.V. Ivanov, Yu.V. Gorbunova, O.N. Urbanova, N.V. Bortnikova. Inventory of the sources of external man-made load on Kuibyshevskoe storage reservoir125
T.Yu. Vyruchalkina. Development of a digital elevation model of Kara-Bogaz-Gol Bay139
Dates and anniversaries145
Nikolai N. Filatov (on the 75th anniversary)145
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