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//  . No 7. . 2021. C. 27-45
A.N. Gromtsev, O.N. Bakhmet, N.V. Petrov, A.V. Kravchenko, O.L. Kuznetsov. Central karelian lacustrine-low mountain complexes: specific natural characteristics, status, conservation // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 7. Multidisciplinary scientific research at KarRC RAS. 2021. Pp. 27-45
The paper is based on the results of the fieldwork carried out in 2020 by staff of the Department for Multidisciplinary Scientific Research and six laboratories of severalKarelian Research Centres institutes (of Biology; Geology; Forest Research; Linguistics, Literature and History) in the central part of the Republic of Karelia, in Muezersky District. In addition, an extensive, partially published research background from previous studies was used. The work resulted in a synthesis of the data that characterize and substantiate the designation of a cluster-type protected area (PA) of regional significance. It is made up of the following three clusters: 1) landscape nature reserve Low-mountain landscapes of the West-Karelian Upland with 11 900 ha; 2) landscape nature monument Lake Pizanets with 407.3 ha; 3) landscape nature monument Mount Vottovaara with 1 600 ha. The information about these sites is arranged in the following order: 1) geographic location; 2) overall conservation and recreational value as a ground for the designation; 3) key characteristics of the ecosystems (geological-geomorphological, hydrographic, edaphic, of landscapes, mires, forests, flora and fauna, recreational qualities); 4) proposals on the boundaries and size of the protected area. Essentially, the article is a summary of all the data available so far that characterize the ecosystems of central Karelia that have the highest conservation and recreational value. The triple-cluster system of the planned PA, with its clusters situated some 2050 km apart within a single triangular outline encompassing waterside protection areas, is regarded as an entity.
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