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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 3. Сер. Экологические исследования
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S.V. Levin. Substantiation of an enhanced technology for creating scots pine graft seed orchards5
V.M. Prokopyuk, B.V. Raevsky. The current state of the conifer species selective breeding network in the Republic of Karelia22
A.V. Kikeeva, E.V. Novichonok, V.A. Kharitonov, A.M. Kryshen’. Features of the root system development in Picea abies (L.) H. Karst. Seedlings planted under shelterwood in a moist bilberry spruce forest depending on soil preparation methods28
N.A. Makeeva, O.A. Neverova. The dynamics of biological activity in technosols around crown perimeters of woody plants on coal mine waste piles42
A.S. Petukhov, T.A. Kremleva, G. A. Petukhova, N.A. Khritokhin. Heavy metal accumulation and migration in soils and plants under contamination in urban environments53
E.V. Ivanter, E.A. Moiseeva. Fur structure, thermal protective properties, and moulting in the european mole (Talpa europaea L.)67
Novoselov A.P., Lukina V.A., Matveev N.Yu., Matveeva A.D. Biological characteristics of the fish fauna in the Severnaya Dvina estuarine area82
Рецензия на книгу "Инвазивные растения и животные Карелии / Ред. коллегия: О. Н. Бахмет, А. В. Кравченко, О. Л. Кузнецов, Н. В. Михайлова, А. В. Полевой. Петрозаводск: ПИН; Марков Н. А., 2021. 223 с.: илл."97
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