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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 8. Сер. Экологические исследования
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Origional Articles5
A.N. Korolev. The human-bear conflict in the Komi Republic: manifestation dynamics and regional features5
A.V. Sabylina, T.A. Efremova. Changes in water chemical composition in Lake Vedlozero and one of its bays as a result of anthropogenic eutrophication20
Simonova Yu.V., Rusakov A.V., Lemeshko N.A. Saline soils of the Rostov Lowland (Yaroslavl Volga region): current state, hydrological aspects of salinization and evolution trends in the context of climate change31
Vysotskaya R.U., Bakhmet I.N., Murzina S.A. The activity of lysosomal enzymes in organs of the White Sea mussel Mytilus edulis L. under crude oil impact in different salinity conditions50
Forina Yu.Yu. Zooplankton of some lakes of the Nosovaya (Yuratskaya) River catchment (Yenisei River catchment)65
Bykov A.D., Tyrkin I.A., Obrazov V.V., Bondar R.A. An assessment of the state of the fish fauna in the lower course of rivers and floodplain water bodies in Lake Ilmen catchment based on the data from surveys with fine-mesh fishing gear in 2020–202173
Stolyarov A.P. Features of the spatial structure of the macro- and meiobenthos community of the lagoon ecosystem of Kislaya Bay head (Gulf of Kandalaksha, White sea)88
Kuznetsov O.L., Kutenkov S.A., Kantserova L.V., Boychuk M.A. Sloping fens of the West-Karelian Upland: vegetation and dynamics101
Ignashov P.A., Kuznetsov O.L. Using Ellenberg’s indicator values in the analysis of the flora and vegetation of small mires in Karelia114
Research methods123
Korosov A.V., Bugmyrin S.V., Burdova T.L., Kireeva M.L., Lapina S.A. Information system for studying vertebrates: an example of development and application123
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