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О.Л. Кузнецов, С.А. Кутенков, Л.В. Канцерова, М.А. Бойчук.
«Висячие» болота Западно-Карельской возвышенности: растительность и динамика
Kuznetsov O.L., Kutenkov S.A., Kantserova L.V., Boychuk M.A. Sloping fens of the West-Karelian Upland: vegetation and dynamics // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 12. Ecological Studies Series. 2022. P. 101–113
Keywords: mire systems; plant communities; stratigraphy of peat deposits; successions
The subject of this study was small mire systems on the eastern slope of the West Karelian Upland. Their vegetation is made up of oligotrophic and mesoligotrophic Sphagnum-dominated communities. It comprises mesoligotrophic “sloping” sites with a sparse layer of Picea × fennica as a feature distinguishing these systems from typical East Fennoscandian sloping fens, which are predominantly eutrophic. The peat deposit stratigraphy of the surveyed fens reveals a variety of development successions, starting from aquatic as well as from dry-land paleocommunities. These mires will be part of the planned regional protected area Low Montane Landscapes of Central Karelia, and can serve as eco-tourism destinations.
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Last modified: December 27, 2022