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П.А. Игнашов, О.Л. Кузнецов.
Применение экологических шкал Элленберга при изучении флоры и растительности малых болот Карелии
Ignashov P.A., Kuznetsov O.L. Using Ellenberg’s indicator values in the analysis of the flora and vegetation of small mires in Karelia // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 12. Ecological Studies Series. 2022. P. 114–122
Keywords: vegetation; bioindication; ecological gradient
Ecological analysis of the vascular plant flora and 20 associations on 63 small mid-boreal mires of Karelia was performed using Ellenberg’s indicator values for four ecological factors (light, moisture, substrate reaction, substrate nitrogen). The flora is mainly dominated by heliophilous (57 %), hygrophytic (84 %), acidophilous (58 %) and oligotrophic (72 %) species of vascular plants. Ordination of the syntaxa shows that the leading factors for the distribution of communities in the space of ecological gradient factors are
substrate acidity and richness in nitrogen.
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