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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 2. Сер. Геология Докембрия
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Slabunov А.I., Kervinen А.V., Nesterova N.S., Egorov А.V., Maksimov О.А., Medvedev P.V. Main stages of the Kostomuksha greenstone belt Banded Iron Formation genesis, Karelian Craton: based on U-Th-Pb dating of zircon5
Pervunina А.V., Myasnikova О.V. Structural-morphological features and crystallization environment of quartz in shungite rocks of the Onega basin23
Barnov N.G., Shchiptsov V.V., Bubnova T.P. Geological and mineralogical characteristics of corundum-bearing rocks in the Khitostrov occurrence (Northern Karelia)39
Ruchyev А.M. Exotic mineral products from the Chupa gneisses of the Belomorides53
Svetov S.A., Stepanova A.V., Burdyukh S.V., Paramonov A.S., Utitsyna V.L., Ekhova M.V., Teslyuk I.A., Chazhengina S.Yu., Svetova E.N., Konyshev A.A. Precision geochemical (ICP-MS) analysis of Precambrian rocks: the method and accuracy estimation73
Dates and anniversaries87
V.V. Shchiptsov. 85th anniversary of birth of Kim I. Kheiskanen (1938–2011)87
Alexander I. Slabunov (on the 65th anniversary)91
In memory of Yulo I. Systra (1940–2022)96
Reviews and bibliography99
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