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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 4. Сер. Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 4. Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies. 2023.
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Origional Articles5
Belashev B.Z. Spectral analysis of geophysical monitoring data5
Bykov F.Yu., Krizhanovsky A.A. Search for near-duplicate texts in the linguistic corpus VepKar16
Grudova K.V. Modeling of daily temperature fluctuations in the root layer of sandy forest soils24
Ivanov A.V. On intermediate values of the lower box dimension31
Kirillov A.N., Sazonov A.M. Predator-prey model with a variable structure of interactions36
Maltseva M.A., Rumyantsev A.S. Boolean satisfiability verification by quantum annealing41
Pavlov Yu.L. On the Internet-graph clustering coefficient50
Khitraya V.A., Khitryy A.V. Web service for the Petrozavodsk road network visualization54
Enatskaya N.Yu. Combinatoral analysis of a substitution scheme with cycles of given sizes64
Enatskaya N.Yu. Permutation scheme with an upper limitation of ints for its fixed elements71
Rettieva A.N. International Conference on Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations
Research, MOTOR 2022 (Petrozavodsk, July 2–6, 2022)
Zverkina G.A, Kalimulina E.Yu. The Third International Workshop on Stochastic Modeling and Applied Research of Technology, SMARTY 2022 (Petrozavodsk, August 21–25, 2022)79
Dates and anniversaries86
Zaika Yu.V. Tamara P. Tikhomirova (on the 75th anniversary)86
In memory of Vladimir V. Aksenov (1930–2023)88
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