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Тержевик А.Ю., Пальшин Н.И., Ефремова Т.В., Богданов С.Р., Голосов С.Д., Зверев И.С., Волков С.Ю., Митрохов А.В., Смирнов С.И., Здоровеннов Р.Э., Здоровеннова Г.Э.
Исследования лаборатории гидрофизики ИВПС КарНЦ РАН в 1991–2022 годах
Terzhevik A.Yu., Pal’shin N.I., Efremova T.V., Bogdanov S.R., Golosov S.D., Zverev I.S., Volkov S.Yu., Mitrokhov A.V., Smirnov S.I., Zdorovennov R.E., Zdorovennova G.E. Research by Hydrophysics Laboratory of NWPI KarRC RAS in 1991–2022 // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 6. Limnology and oceanology. 2023. Pp. 5-22
Keywords: NWPI KarRC RAS; boreal lakes; thermal and ice regimes; oxygen regime; hydrodynamics; turbulence; White Sea; Lake Onego; numerical modeling; FLake; Arctic limnicsystems
Information is presented on the directions and results of research at the Hydrophysics Laboratory of the Northern Water Problems Institute of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1991–2022. Laboratory staff study hydrophysical processes and phenomena in various lakes of Karelia, in the largest lakes of Eurasia – Onego and Ladoga, in Lake Baikal, in the White Sea, as well as in small lakes of the Arctic zone of Russia. Brief information is provided on the applied developments and basic scientific results produced while implementing state-ordered assignments, international and domestic research projects, including those carried out jointly with Russian and foreign scientific and educational organizations. The main results include: identification of patterns in the formation of the thermal, hydrodynamic, ice, radiation and oxygen regimes of lakes through
the annual cycle (with more focus on the ice-covered period); development of a thermal model of Lake Onego; development and implementation of FLake lake model in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Limnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, German Weather Service, and the Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB, Germany); development of a 3D model of Lake Vendyurskoe; investigation of energy and greenhouse gas transport in high-latitude lake ecosystems in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Helsinki; assessment of the adaptive properties of Arctic aquatic ecosystems (lakes of the Yamal Peninsula, deltas of the Lena River, Kola Peninsula) in a changing climate in collaboration with colleagues from the St. Petersburg State University; study of turbulence parameters in ice-covered lakes during the period of spring underice convection, numerical modeling (Implicit LES) of radiation-generated convection in collaboration with colleagues from the Physical-Mechanical Institute of the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University; study of hydrophysical processes and phenomena in bays and inlets of the White Sea in collaboration with colleagues from the Water Problems Institute RAS (Moscow) and the Russian State Humanitarian University (St. Petersburg);
study of turbulent transport, which determines the conditions for ice build-up and melting in the subglacial boundary layer of Lake Baikal in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Toulouse, France, and the Limnological Institute in Irkutsk.
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