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Геология и полезные ископаемые Карелии. Вып. 9
Научн. ред. А.И. Голубев.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2006. 204 с.

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Articles in proceedings:

S. A. Svetov, A. I. Svetova, H. Huhma, T. N. Nazarova. Magmatic series of volcanic arcs in the Mesoarchean ocean-continent transition zone. Examples from the western Vodlozero Block boundary. Aspects of geochemical typization and isotopic characteristics5
A. I. Slabunov. Mesoarchean graywackes of the Maiozero stratotectonic association in the Keret Greenstone Belt: petrogeochemistry and conditions of formation14
O. S. Sibelev, N. S. Kushkova, P. N. Anisimov. Tectonometamorphic rocks of melange zones. Examples from the Korzha structure, Belomorian Mobile Belt23
N.E. Korol. Alteration of mafic granulites of the Belomorian Mobile Belt to eclogite-like rocks37
V.S. Stepanov, A.V. Stepanova. Early Proterozoic metagabbro from the Gridino area, Belomorian Mobile Belt55
N.N. Trofimov, A.I. Golubev, N.K. Smirnova. Structural characteristics and minerageny of the Pudozhgora differentiated intrusive72
L.V. Kuleshevich. Evolution of the endogenous regimes of formation of gold mineralization in Karelia81
M.Y. Nilov, S.N. Yudin, L.V. Kuleshevich. Geological structure and geophysical study of the northern border area of the Jalonvaara-Hattu-Tuulos Greenstone Belt100
N.N. Trofimov, V.N. Safronov, G.P. Grechenkova. Fragment of an old crust of weathering found on the Onega-Ladoga Isthmus121
B.N. Klabukov. The potential of petroelectrics in the study of Karelia's earth crust127
G. N. Zaitsev, V. V. Kovalevsky. The effect of the structure and moisture content of shungite rocks on their electrical properties135
G. I. Yemelyanova, L. E. Gorlenko, V. V. Lunin, N. N. Rozhkova, A. Jankovska. Nonconventional methods for modification of the properties of carbonaceous materials140
V. A. Timofeyeva, A. B. Solovyova, N. A. Yerina, S. S. Rozhkov, N. F. Kedrina, T. S. Zarkhina, L. V. Neshchadina, N. N. Rozhkova. The effect of a shungite filler on the structure and properties of polypropylene145
O. K. Fomin, A. D. Khakhaev, A. A. Khomichenko. Pyrolytic mess-spectrometry with surface ionization of pyrolysis products in the study of the migration of the organic matter of shungite-bearing rocks155
G. A. Lebedeva, G. P. Ozerova, V. P. Ilyina. Vitrocrystalline and ceramic materials based on Karelian rocks and technogenic mineral products161
D. S. Rybakov. Geological classification of environmental risk factors in the Karelian region167
I. N. Demidov. On the maximum stage in the evolution of periglacial Lake Onega, variations in its water level and glacioisostatic coastal uplifts in Late Glacial time171
N. B. Lavrova. Some compositional characteristics of the pollen-and-spore spectra of Late Glacial deposits on the Olonets Plateau183
T. S. Shelekhova. Diatoms as indicators of the natural acidification of small water bodies in Karelia189
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