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Semenov, A. V., Ozhigina, V. N.
Climate effect on the hydrological regime rivers of the Kola Peninsula
// 16th international symposium and workshop "Northern research Basins". Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2007. Pp. 120-124
Keywords: Kola Peninsula, air temperature, runoff, peak date, linear trend.
Results of statistical estimations of the basic climate and hydrological characteristics for typical river basins (Kola, Ponoi, Umba, Lotta) and weather stations (Murmansk, Kanevka, Umba, ) within the territory of the Kola Peninsula, Russia, are presented. For these stations during the period 1961-2006 the rate of change of mean annual air temperature is 0.2-0.4°С in 10 years. The change of mean temperature varies among seasons, being most explicit in winter and spring. Warming intensity is the highest in winter and the lowest in summer. The second position in the intensity of warming belongs to spring. Positive trends are detected also in the annual precipitation, annual runoff and the flood peak dates time series for the same period.

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Last modified: December 4, 2007