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Минералогия, петрология и минерагения докембрийских комплексов Карелии: Материалы юбилейной научной сессии, посвященной 45-летию Института геологии Карельского НЦ РАН и 35-летию Карельского отделения
Материалы юбилейной научной сессии, посвященной 45-летию Института геологии КарНЦ РАН и 35-летию Карельского отделения. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2007. 124 с.
The volume contains papers prepared for the jubilee session held on occasion of the 45th anniversary of founding of the Institute of Geology and the 35th anniversary of the Karelian Division of the Russian Mineralogical Society. Also presented in the volume are the results obtained recently by research teams and individual scientists of the Institute of Geology. Some of the papers deal with noble-metal mineralization in the Archean and Paleoproterozoic complexes of Karelia. Others discuss the current in-depth structural study of shungite and its use in modern nanotechnologies. Many of the papers contain new data that show a great progress in the study of the magmatic and metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, geochronology and technological mineralogy of Precambrian complexes in Karelia.
The volume will be of interest for a wide circle of specialists, who study the mineralogy and petrology of magmatic, metamorphic and ore-forming processes.

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Articles in proceedings:

B.Z. Belashev. The use of physical methods in mineralogical and geological studies7
N.S. Biske. Carbon-silicon secretions in maksovites10
O.I. Volodichev. Eclogites from the Belomorian Mobile Belt14
A. I. Golubev, N. N. Trofimov, M. M. Lavrov, V. D. Slyusarev. Precambrian noble-metal mineralization in Karelia17
A.S. Zavertkin, A.N. Safronov. Improving the wear resistance of crucible furnace lining by adding mineralizers21
A.S. Zavertkin, V.I. Tyaganova. Making the removal of rods from castings less laborious by adding Karelian rocks to mixtures24
V.I. Ivashchenko. Mineral associations of gold deposits and occurrences in the south-eastern Svecofennian Fold Belt27
V.I. Kevlich, M.M. Filippov, P.V. Medvedev. Ore-dressing characteristics of bitumolitic rocks from the Zazhogino deposit32
V.V. Kovalevsky. Shungite rocks: crystallogenesis and nanotechnologies35
V. N. Kozhevnikov. Integrated study of minerals and rocks in solving basic geological problems37
N.E. Korol. Characteristics of granulite amphibolization in Karelian granulitic-enderbitic-charnockitic complexes41
T.I. Kuzenko. On the amphiboles of eclogitic rocks from the Gridino area46
L.V. Kuleshevich. Precambrian gold mineralization in Karelia53
L.V. Kuleshevich. Conditions of formation of Precambrian gold deposits and occurrences in the Karelian craton58
L.V. Kuleshevich, I. S. Inina, A.A. Paramonova, V.G. Pudovkin. Storing collections and diagnosis of minerals in the Museum of Geology at the Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, RAS62
G. A. Lebedeva, G. P. Ozerova, V. I. Kevlich, L. S. Skamnitskaya, T. P. Bubnova. The effect of the dressing waste of chromite ore and alkaline syenites on the crystallization of petrurgical melts68
I.V. Panfilova, L.V. Kuleshevich. The use of arsenopyritic and arsenopyritic-sphaleritic geothermometers to calculate the temperature of ore deposits in Karelia71
A.V. Pervunina. Concretionary and metalliferous horizons of the Ladoga series76
M.G. Popov, V.Y. Gorkovets, M.B. Rayevskaya. Mg- and Fe-rich lamproites from the Kostomuksha area79
M.G. Popov, M.B. Rayevskaya. V.Y. Gorkovets. Postlopian dykes of subalkaline rocks from the Kostomuksha ore area82
N.N. Rozhkova, A.V. Gribanov. On the basic structural element of shungite carbon86
N.N. Rozhkova, V.S. Rozhkova, G.I. Yemelyanova, L.E. Gorlenko, V.V. Lunin. Production of stable aqueous dispersions of shungite carbon nanoclusters89
A.M. Ruchyev, T.A. Antonova, V.I. Kevlich, V.V. Kovalevsky, A.N. Safronov. Carbonaceous matter of gneisses from the Chupa suite of the Belomorides93
A.P. Svetov, L.P. Sviridenko. Mantle diapirism and the problem of bimodality of Precambrian magmatism96
S.A. Svetov. Type magmatic series of Mesoarchean subduction systems100
O.S. Sibelev. Hypothesis of the magmatic transport of eclogitic parageneses in Paleoproterozoic basic rock dykes from the Gridino melange zone, Belomorian Mobile Belt104
A.I. Slabunov. Meso- and Neoarchean evolution of the Belomorian province of the Fennoscandian Shield: the history of formation of the collisional orogen109
V.D. Slyusarev, L.V. Kuleshevich, M.M. Lavrov. Noble-metal mineralization in the gabbroid massif, Lake Vietukkalampi area (Hautavaara structure)112
R.A. Khazov. Clinopyroxenes of ladogalite nodules and megacrysts and the reconstruction of the mineral composition of diamondiferous protorocks116
V.V. Shchiptsov. Technogenic mineralogy of Karelian industrial minerals119
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