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И.М. Нестеренко.
Трудная и благодатная земля олонецкая
Olonets plain, or our so-called "Karelian Ukraine" as old-timers sometimes tenderly and proudly call it, stretches for about thirty kilometres on both sides of the River Olonka. It has an interesting postglacial geological history related to the advance and retreat (transgression) of Lake Ladoga. Nearly 200 years ago it was already spoken of as a granary and bread-winner. The acres and hectares conquered from swamp and forest with just axes and spades did not come easy. Yet, they gave subsistence to Karelians, and winter wagon trains carried not only game, but also hay and oats to the northern capital, to Petersburg. Today, tens of thousands hectares are cultivated, and the blessed Olonets land treats us with delicious milk, cream and even cheese! The hope is cherished that new projects will support the Olonets farmer, that young, qualified, laborious Karelians, Russians, Belorussians and Finns will work there, and that the Olonets land shall not fall into decline.

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Last modified: December 17, 2008