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Природный комплекс горы Воттоваара: особенности, современное состояние, сохранение
Ред. А.Н. Громцев.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2009. 158 с.
Nature of Mount Vottovaara: characteristics, condition, conservation. / Ed. A.N. Gromtsev. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2009. 158 p.
The monograph provides a comprehensive description and assessment of the nature of Mount Vottovaara, situated in the utter South-east of Muezersky District, Republic of Karelia. Results of the surveys carried out by five institutes of the Russian Academy of Science Karelian Research Centre are presented. The material is arranged in several major sections. First comes a brief outline and assessment of the general physiographic characteristics of the territory (geological, geomorphological, hydrological, and soil). Then, terrestrial ecosystems (wetlands, forests, and landscapes in general) are described and assessed. The next section deals with vascular plants, mosses, fungi, mammals, birds, insects (checklists included). A special part of the monograph is materials from archaeological studies. Finally, overall conclusions are drawn, and expediency of designating the area as a regional-scope integrated nature monument is substantiated. The book contains photographs of general views, forests, wetlands, etc.
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Location and accessibility (A. Gromtsev, A. Tujunen)7
Geological structure (A. Slabunov, P. Medvedev, O. Sibelev)9
Quaternary deposits and geomorphological conditions ((T. Shelekhova, N. Lavrova))19
Soil cover (O. Bakhmet)31
Wetlands (S. Kutenkov, N. Stoikina, M. Boychuk)35
Forest cover (A. Gromtsev, N. Petrov, Yu. Presnukhin, A. Tujunen)47
Specific landscape characteristics of the natural complex (A. Gromtsev)55
Vascular plants (A. Kravchenko, V. Timofeeva)59
A. Maksimov, T. Maksimova (Mosses)73
Грибы (А.В. Руоколайнен, О.О. Предтеченская)81
Lichens (M. Fadeeva)88
Mammals (P. Danilov, V. Belkin, K. Tirronen, D. Panchenko, L. Blyidnik)96
Birds (S. Sazonov)100
Insects (A. Polevoi, A. Humala)106
Regarding archaeological monuments on Mt. Vottovaara (N. Lobanova, M. Kosmenko)119
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