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The condition of forest resources in the taiga zone of Russia, and problems related in the present situation with forest use and reforestation in naturally and artificially drained land are considered.

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Articles in proceedings:

Isaev A.S., Korovin G.N. Main objectives and tasks of optimizing state management of forests in Russia and of forestry development6
Rysin L.P. Does forest typology have a future in Russia?8
Sharlaev S.E., Valdaev V.V., Makarov D.V. Republic of Karelia forest management plant: forest use development strategy10
Ravich-Piglevskiy V.G., Chistobaev A.I. Forest management plans as elements of spatial planning schemes13
Soroka A.I., Ananiev V.A. Structure of the state forest fund, dynamics and perspectives of forest use in Karelia15
Soroka A.I., Ananiev V.A. Structure of the state forest fund, dynamics and perspectives of forest use in Karelia15
Skadorva I.V. Problems of forest use intensification in Republic of Karelia17
Kozyreva G.B. Social institutions in forestry; their effects on forest use efficiency (theoretical and practical issues)19
Leinonen T., Sungurov R.F., Kolstrom T., Sokolov A.I., Zhigunov A.V., Doroshin A.V. Reforestation in NW Russia methods, results and perspectives22
Sennov S.N. Role and modern practices of thinning23
Krutov V.I. Scientific development by Forest Research Institute, Karelian Research Centre, and their application in forest use and reforestation24
Shegelman I.R., Rudakov M.N. Inconsistencies in integration processes in the forest industries sector27
Gromtsev A.N., Petrov N.V. Landscape-based zoning of boreal forests by resource, economic and environmental parameters30
Puzachenko Yu.G. Parametrisation of ecological niches of plants forming the forest community32
Babikov B.V. Water regulation role of forests in drained land34
Kryshen A.M. Dynamic typology as a basis for systematic forestry36
Konstantinov V.K. State of drained land and current problems of forest drainage38
Shishulina Z.I. Analysis of the development process of the timber industry in Karelia under new conditions41
Belyaev V.V., Burlakov P.S. Spatiotemporal structure of high-productivity coniferous stands in mid-taiga landscapes45
Burlakov P.S., Khmara K.A. Siberian fir populations at the north-western boundary of the range (R. Usolka, Northern Dvina watershed)47
Velikanov G.B., Saveliev O.A., Grigorieva Yu.N. Experience of forest management plan development50
Genikova N.V., Gnatyuk E.P., Kryshen A.M. Eco-coenotic diversity of vascular plants in pine forests of Karelia52
Blyudnik L.V., Yakimova A.E. Anthropogenic transformation of habitats of terrestrial vertebrates, and state of their populations in European taiga55
Danilov P.I., Belkin V.V., Kurhinen J., Tirronen K.F., Panchenko D.V., Fyodorov F.V., Kanshiev V.Ya., Druzhinin F.N. On the problem of species alternation57
Isaev A.S., Chernenkova T.V. Forest biodiversity monitoring: approaches and results60
Kovyazin V.F. Recreational potential of stands as related to their sanitary condition62
Kurhinen J., Danilov P.I., Ivanter E.V., Henttonen H. Succession processes in rodent communities in harvested sites in East Fennoscandia65
Leibonen E.E., Kryshen A.M. On meadow overgrowing with woody vegetation67
Lukashevich V.M., Kornilov K.A. Effect of site preparation on logging efficiency69
Matveeva T.A. Post-fire regeneration of pine and larch71
Neverov N.A., Burlakov P.S., Drovnina S.B. Khmara K.A. Radial increment and productivity of Siberian larch in the White Sea-Kuloi plateau73
Pavlyuchenkov N.A. Dynamics of plant cover development in harvested sites with chemical pre-drying of aspen75
Pirogov N.A., Lopukhova E.L. Dynamics of spruce condition in the understorey depending on selective thinning intensity77
Puzachenko M.Yu. Assessment of forest state using field and remote sensing information, example of southwestern Valdai upland79
Sandlerskiy R.B. Age-related changes in thermodynamic parameters of a forest community82
Sinkevich A.E. Some results of forest inventory in Leningrad Region84
Sinkevich S.M., Fedulov V.S. Silvicultural effectiveness of commercial thinnings in ripening spruce stands in southern Karelia86
Sokolova G.V. Potential predisposition for pyrogenic catastrophes in east Russian taiga zone88
Syunyov V.A., Katarov V.K. Choosing logging technology by ecological compatibility with the forest environment91
Tetyukhin S.V. Spatiotemporal dynamics of the forest fund and forest use in European Russia93
Tikhonov A.S. Methodical fundamentals for the young stands investigations95
Tikhonova E.V. Distinctive features of floral composition formation in pine crops over sandy-loamy soils97
Tuyunen A.V., Petrov N.V. Recreational assessment of the Petrozavodsk city green belt at the sub-landscape level99
Shubin V.I. Edible forest mushrooms and their utilization in Karelia101
Shchegoleva L.V. Application of mathematical methods in management of end-to-end processes in integrated forest industry structures104
Shchukin P.O. Transport and energy infrastructure of forest use in Karelia106
Antonova O.A., Tikhonova E.V., Chernenkova T.V., Kozlov D.N. Assessment of the composition and structure of forest crops in south-western Moscow surroundings108
Babich N.A., Nechaeva I.S. Seasonal growth of 3-year-old spruce seedlings under the effect of weeds109
Biryukov S.Yu. Ecobiological characteristics of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta Dongl.) in northern taiga of Arkhangelsk Region111
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Gavrilova O.I., Khlyustov V.K. Growth of spruce crops in competition with naturally regenerating species116
Danilov Yu.I., Popova A.A., Burtsev D.S. Effect of compost of solid domestic wastes on growth and productivity of common osier118
Yegorov A.B., Bubnov A.A., Pavlyuchenkova L.N. Practices of herbicide use in pine and spruce tending in Leningrad Region nurseries120
Kazakov L.A., Vishnyakov G.V. Effectiveness of measures for afforestation of sand areas in Polar North122
Kormilitsyna O.V., Bondarenko V.V. Quality assessment system for soil mixtures124
Kudryashev A.V., Ognev A.I., Grigorieva Yu.N. Afforestation of bauxite mines: problems, tasks and solutions126
Leontev L.L., Nikolaeva M.A. Study of spruce timber properties in provenance trial crops in NW Russia128
Markina Z.N., Mileshina A.V. Methods for optimization of physiochemical properties of sod-podzolic sandy soils for growing coniferous planting stock in forest nurseries130
Martynenko O.V., Karminov V.N., Ontikov P.V. Relationship between stand productivity and soil conditions132
Pekkoev A.N. Timber quality in pine crops in accelerated culture134
Raevskiy B.V., Shchurova M.L. Topical problems of selective coniferous seed production in Karelia137
Rodionov A.V., Tsypuk A.M. Mechanisation of reforestation in the intensive forest management system139
Sergienko V.G., Sokolova O.I., Ivanov A.M. Natural reforestation of clear-cuts in the south-taiga region of European Russia140
Skorik A.M. Variability of spruce cones and seeds in introgressive hybridization zone143
Sokolov A.I. Intensification of reforestation in harvested areas in Karelia145
Tovkach L.N. 20-40-year-old young stands as full-fledged objects of silviculture147
Usenya V.V. Reforestation of burnt areas in the forest fund of Byelorussia149
Kharitonov V.A., Krivenko T.I. Mechanisation of soil treatment in non-stumped harvested sites: past and present151
Tsvetkov V.F. Problems of reforestation in the European North of Russia153
Chernobrovkina N.P., Robonen E.V. Diagnosis and regulation of mineral nutrition of Scots pine seedlings grown in forest nurseries156
Shestibratov K.A., Zhigunov A.V. Biotechnology in forest plantations: technologies and applications158
Konstantinov V.K., Poroshin .., Chikalyuk V.F. Influence of facies structure of bog compartments on effectiveness of their drainage160
Belenets Yu.E. Productivity of peat soils on old-drained lands163
Guermanova N.I. Microbial transformation of organic matter in peatland soils under forest plantations in Karelia165
Vompersky S.E., Kovalev A.G., Glukhova T.V. Methane emission in forest and bog ecosystems with different degree of wetness in southern taiga zone of European Russia167
Shurygin S.G. Summer runoff from drained peat and mineral forest lands170
Grabovik S.I. Post-drainage vegetation dynamics in aapa mires172
Pozhilova E.A. Comarum palustre L. in Vologda region174
Chindyaev A.S., Goryaeva A.V., Sorogin .Y., Matveeva T.A. Peculiarities of growth and development of Sphagnum pine stands in Middle Ural176
Matyushkin V.A. The changes of biological resources of sedge-sphagnum pine stand after drainage and advance thinning179
Pakhuchaya L.M. Complex estimation of influence of forest lands drainage on forest biogeocoenosis in Timman (Komi Republic)181
Rusetskas Yu., Grigalyunas V. Natural regeneration under forest canopy on undrained and drained eutrophic bogs183
Busorgin V.G., Korepanov A.D. Influence of drainage on natural and man-made restoration of forest186
Berdnikov I.A. The promotion to natural forest reforestation on oligotrophic and mesotrophic drained mires188
Tarakanov A.M. Growth of young pine stands under surface drainage190
Moshnikov S.A. The influence of soil treatment on artificial pine stands growth on drained mires of South Karelia192
Gavrilov V.N. About results of thinning in young artificial Scots pine stands on drained mesotrophic mire in Southern Karelia194
Fedyaev A.L., Mayorova E.V. Influence of *microclimatic *and edaphic factors on state of shrub-sphagnum pine stands under anthropogenic impact197
Marinichev E.A. Usage of mineral fertilizers on drained peat soils201
Kusakin A.V., Alexeev I.A., Guseva O.N., Konakova H.D. Effectiveness of complex bog system Zheleznoye drainage in Kilemarsky district of Republic Mariy-El (South-eastern part)202
Kozlov V.A., Kisternaya M.V., Neronova Ya.A. Forming of Pinus sylvestris annual ring under the impact of forest drainage205
Ananyev V.A. Forming of productive spruce stands on the drainage lands207
Druzhinin N.A., Druzhinin P.N. Shelterwood cuttings in drained coniferous stands209
Pakhuchiy V.V. Exploitation of waterlogged forests as a factor of forest usage intensification in Komi Republic211
Saveliev O.A. Maximum effective using the drained lands of forest fund213
Frolov Yu.A., Velikanov G.B., Grigorieva Yu.N. Technology of pine tapping using biological stimulants on drained lands215
Novosyolov A.S. Usage of waterlogged pine stands as forest tapping resources218
Katkova E.N. Diagnostics of post-fire state of black alder stands on drained lands and their management219
Podshivaev E.E. Regulation of beaver number in drained forests of North-Western Russia222
Kuzmin G.F., Velikanov G.B. On the problems of bog usage in forest fund223
Subota M.V. Hydrotechnical regulation of gardens and parks on wet lands226
Sabo E.D. Indexes of melioration effectiveness226
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