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Продуктивность и устойчивость лесных почв: Материалы III Международ. конф. (Петрозаводск 7-11.09.2009 г.)
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2009. 346 с.

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Articles in proceedings:

Babikov B.V. Groundwater flowage criteria5
Bobkova K.S., Zaboeva I.V. Growth ecological conditions and productivity of coniferous forests of the European North-East7
Evdokimova G.A., Mozgova N.P. Comparative characteristic of biomass and diversity of microorganisms in the forest podzols of Northern Fennoscandia in natural and technogenic conditions9
Kashulina G.M. Soils transformation by means of airborne pollution on the Kola peninsula: results of the long-term studies13
Lukina N.V., Orlova M.A., Isaeva L.G. Approaches to assessment of interrelations between soil and vegetation in forest biogeocoenoses17
Pereverzev V.N., Kazakov L.A., Chamin V.A. Soil formation in the undisturbed and wind-blown marine sands of Terskiy coast (Kola peninsula)21
Rozhkov V.A. GIS-model of the forest cover dynamics in landscapes of Russia24
Yashin I.M., Karpukhin A.I. Genesis and ecological functions of fulvoacids in podzolic soils within the taiga zone28
Systra Y.J. Influence of springs to soil composition in Northern Fennoscandia35
Systra Y.J., Petersell V.H. Influence of bedrock composition on the content of biogenic elements in the humus horizon of soils in Estonia37
Antsiferova O.A. Specificity burozem formation in the west Kaliningrad region39
Ahmetova G.V. Patterns of trace element content in north taiga soils of Karelia42
Bakhmet O.N. Soil organic matter in different landscapes of Кarelia45
Belousova N.I. The role of forest canopy in soil formation within high mountains in west Sayany48
Волохина В.П., Сафронов С.Б., Степанцова Л.В. Особенности темно-серых лесных почв на двучленных отложениях севера Тамбовской равнины52
Gradusov B.P. Podzolic and chernozem formation54
Deneva S.V., Zhangurov E.V. Genesis and classification position of soils being formed in hilly-undulating relief of the Middle Timan56
Evgrafova A.S. Environmental conditions of the processes eluvial-illuvial differentiation of the soil in the Southern Taiga subzone60
Yefremova T.T., Yefremov S.P. Genetic associations of litters in bog birch forests of West Siberia62
Krasilnikov P.V., Garcia Calderon N.E., Alvarez Arteaga G. Soils of montane cloud forests of Mexico66
Kuvshinskaya L.V., Zekin A.V. Forest soils of highly productive pinery of Perm-Krasnokamsk city industrial agglomeration (CIA)69
Likhanova I.A., Archegova I.B. Soil formation using different methods of forest ecosystems’ restoration on the northern border of forest area73
Merzljkov O.E. Gumus condition mountain wood chernozem-like soils of the central part of mountain Altai76
Moshkina E.V. Amino acid content in middle taiga forest soils as an indicator of nitrogen pool quality80
Nedanchuk I.M. Quantitative evaluation of climatic parameters of illuvial and metamorphic horizons distribution on flat land territory of Russia83
Puzachenko M.Y. Reproducibility of field measurements of characteristics of soil horizons containing organic matter from the remote data and the relief for middle scale87
Puzachenko J.G., Siunova E.V., Krenke A.H., Shtefonov S.V. Formation of lateral lessivage subhorizon in podzolic soils90
Pshenichnikov B.F., Pshenichnikova N.F. The genesis and the classification of the maritime burozems of the Far East94
Pshenichnikova N.F., Mayorova L.A. Influence of soil ecology conditions on fir-spruce forest productivity in Primorie98
Rigih L.U. Physical-chemical properties of luvisols of the skilled field of the Research Institute of Agriculture of Rt102
Solomatova E.A. Soils of spruce forests of Karelia105
Suleymanov R.R., Davydychev A.N., Gorichev U.P., Usupov I.R. Features of the morphological structure and property soils of radical and conditional-radical types of the forest South-Ural reserve109
Tarabukina V.G., Shumilov J.V. Pyrogenous transformation of forest soils in the conditions of cryolithozone112
Tarasov P.A. Soil influence on forest growth in the Low Angara region116
Timofeev A.I., Savitskaya S.N. Soils of Lisinsky training experimental forestry119
Tursina T.V. Tectonic activity - another pathway to development of salt-affected soils123
Ulyanova T.Yu. Features of soil formation under the influence of xerophitic vegetative communities of the forest belt western Tien Shan126
Chizhikova N.P., Verkhovets LA., Vladychenskiy A.S. Profile formation of the fine-dispersed material in soils affected by forest cenoses under conditions of model experiments130
Shcheglov A.I., Tsvetnova O.B. Current state of brown forest soils on the Sakhalin island133
Bolondinskiy V.K. Effects of soil temperature and moisture on CO2 metabolism in pine shoots141
Vedrova E.F. The carbon mineralization flow formation into soils in Middle Siberia144
Kozlova A.A., Khalbaev V.L., Polushkevich M.А. Particularities functioning of forest soils South Prebaikalia are formed in conditions of pit and mound microrelief148
Kuznetsov M.A. Decomposition of litter fall on the surfase of peaty-podzolic gleyish soil of bilberry-sphagnous spruce forest152
Lebedeva (Verba) M.P., Sizemskaya M.L. Peculiarities of changes in the organic matter of zoo-meliorative and afforested soils in the Northern Pre-Caspian region154
Livantsova S.Yu., Smirnova I.E., Kurochkina V.A., Zakharova A.I., Koptsik G.N. Forest floor as a part of biogeochemical cycles of elements in ecosystems of coniferous-broadleaf forests158
Osipov A.F. Content of organic carbon and nitrogen in peaty-podzolic soils under pine forests at the middle taiga Komi Republic161
Pervova N.E. Study of natural waters migration in forest biogeocenosis with model lysimeters of moscow state university (the MSU)164
Podvezenaya M.A., Ryzhova I.M. Spatial variability of carbon reserves in forest soils at local and regional scales168
Ryzhova I.M. Analysis of dynamics of carbon content in soils due to post-agricultural reafforestation on the basis of a mathematical model172
Stolnikova E.V., Ananyeva N.D. Soil microbial biomass carbon, structure, pool and activyty in forest ecosystems of european part of Russia175
Torlopova N.V., Robakidze E.A., Bobkova K.S. Soil and soil water chemistry in spruce forests of Middle Taiga179
Bastrakov А.I., Rybalov L.B. Structure of soil mesofauna population in the main types of the xylium in the south taiga subzone of western siberia, middle flow of the Irtysh185
Bezkorovainaya I.N. Soil invertebrate contribution to permafrost soil carbon transformation188
Vorobyeva I.G., Naumova A.N. Intensity of waste degradation in dry habitat soils192
Gusarova V.S., Gorbachev V.N. Interrelation of soils, vegetation and parent material in Ulyanovsk area forests195
Zenkova I.V., Liskovaja A.A. Diversity of oribatid mites (Acariformes, Oribatei) in virgin and anthropogenically damaged soils in the Murmansk region199
Камаев И.О., Рыбалов Л.Б. Геозоологическая характеристика лесных аллювиальных почв Костомукшского заповедника (Республика Карелия)203
Kudrin A.A., Lapteva E.M., Dolgin M.M. About structure of nematodes communities in soils of floodplain ecosystems of the North205
Mamaj A.V. Microbial processes of greenhouse micro gas formation and assimilation in forest soils in middle taiga (example of Karelia)208
Medvedeva M.V., Bakhmet O.N., Yakovlev A.S. Biological diagnosis of soils in anthropogenically disturbed ecosystems (example of Kostomuksha mining and ore-dressing mill)211
Piryugin V.S. Structure of rove beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) population in the coniferous broad-leaved forests of the Southern Meschera215
Pozharskaja V.V., Zenkova I.V. Complexes of invertebrate animals in litters of flat and mountain spruce forests at the Murmansk area218
Rudkovskaya O.A., Medvedeva M.V. Ecological characteristics of Oxalis acetosella L. growth under anthropogenic transformation of the landscape222
Shubin V.I. Ectomycorrhyzal fungi in the nitrogen regime of mor soils223
Avrova A.F. Forest-growing characteristics of peat soils in connection with intensity of their draining231
Bogorodskaya A.V. The state of microbial complexes in the technogenic soils of artificial revegetation dumps of Borodino coal-field235
Vladychensky A.S., Telesnina V. M. Vegetation and soils dynamic of South Taiga post-agricultural ecosystems238
Guermanova N.I., Medvedeva M.V. Drainage of forest soils: past, present, future242
Olga Kalinina, S.V. Goryachkin, N.A. Karavaeva, D.I. Lyuri, Luise Giani. Chronosequential alterations of properties post-agrogenic sandy soils in the southern taiga of Russia under natural afforestation245
Kovjazin V.F. The factors of anthropogenic transformation of Saint-Petersburg forest soil248
Krasnoshchekov Yu.N. Pyrogenic soil transformation of pine forests in central zone of the Baikal natural area251
Kuznetsov P.V., Butakov Е.V., Grebenschikova V.I. Geochemical features of grey forest floor of the Zima district of Irkutsk region255
Kuznetsov P.V., Yashin I.M., Grebenshchikova V.I. Migration barriers: functions, properties and environmental significance259
Kuznetsova E.G., Archegova I.B. Influence of crown waters on soil cover during the self-restoring succession in Middle Taiga subzone262
Markina Z.N., Mileshina A.V. The increase of fertility of soddy podsolic sandy soil in forests nurseries in conditions of the Bryansk region266
Matinian N.N., Urusevskaya I.S. Anthropogenic transformation of forest soils on the Solovetskiy archipelago270
Melentyeva N.V. Long-term bog reclamation impacts on southern taiga peat soils in Western Siberia273
Moshnikov S.A. Soil treatment and its effect on the growth of forest crops in drained mires277
Mukhortova L.V., Vedrova E.F. The influence of logging on the organic matter storage in forest ecosystems281
Pesterev А.P. Change of agrophysical properties pale-yellow soils285
Savvinov G.N., Shumilov Yu.V. Effect of tree stand removal on soil cover stability under conditions of permafrost289
Saraeva A.K. Forest growth properties of soils in artificially established forest communities292
Skvortsova Ye.B., Lebedeva (Verba) M.P., Baranova O.Yu., Lebedev M.A. Pore space as a storage of information in old arable loamy soils295
Smirnova I.E., Koptsik G.N. Technogenic transformation of soil solution composition of podzols in forest ecosystems of the Kola subarctic299
Sorokina N.P., Ananko T.V., Kozlov D.N. Natural and anthropogenic factors of morphological diversity of soddy podzolic soils under forests in the Moscow region303
Subota M.B. Change of agrochemical properties of drained shallow peatbogs under forest cultural treatment307
Subota M.V. Soil cover of Saint-Petersburg parks in bandy clay and in water regimes310
Tkachenko Yu.N. Reforestation properties of sandy ferric podzols in cowberry pine forests, example of northern taiga of Karelia313
Fedorets N.G., Sokolov A.I., Kryshen’ A.M. Early stages of biogeocoenosis formation on land reclaimed after ore mining316
Shabaleva M.A., Bulko N.I., Kozlov A.K., Tolkacheva N.V. Dependency of 137Cs accumulation by woody plants on agricultural chemistry and water-physical characteristics of timber soils on lands, polluted by radionuclids as a result of Chernobyl acci319
Shugalei L.S. Formation of biological activity of initial soils on dumps of mantle rocks323
Yakovleva E.V., Beznosikov V.A., Kondratenok B.M., Gabov D.N. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the soil-plants system in technogenically-impacted forest biocoenoses325
Yashin I.M., Karpukhin A.I., Kuznetsov P.V. Transformation of barriers for migration in autonomous landscapes of Petrozavodsk vicinity329
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