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Геология и полезные ископаемые Карелии. Вып. 12
Науч. ред. А.И. Голубев, А.И. Слабунов.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2009. 280 с.
Geology and useful minerals of Karelia. Issue 12. / А.I. Golubev, А. I. Slabunov. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 2009. 280 p.

GEOLOGIA_12.pdf (46 Mb, total downloads: 82)

Articles in proceedings:

V.I. Ivashchenko, А.I. Golubev. Pyrite mineralization: prospective basic gold formation of the Karelian region5
L.V. Kuleshevich, V.D. Slyusarev, М.М. Lavrov. Noble-metal mineralization of the Hautavaara-Vedlozero prospect12
L.V. Kuleshevich, О.B. Lavrov, А.I. Golubev. Voronov Bor auriferous copper sulphide deposit and the potential of Karelian copper sulphide occurrences26
V.Ya. Gorkovets, М.B. Rayevskaya. Luupensuo gold occurrence, Kostomuksha Ore Province48
О.B. Lavrov. Productive and associated mineral assemblages in the Päkylä ore occurrence, northern Lake Ladoga area60
А.М. Ruchyev. Structural characteristics of shearing that controls noble-metal mineralization and pegmatite formation in gneisses of the Chupa suite, Belomorian rock complex of the Baltic Shield65
N.N. Trofimov, Т.А. Antonova. Petrochemical characteristics and weighted average composition of the rocks of the Pudozhgorsky intrusive sheet88
V.Ya. Gorkovets, M.G. Popov, M. B. Rayevskaya. Late Proterozoic intrusive potassic alkaline and subalkaline rocks of the Kostomuksha Ore Province94
V.S. Stepanov, А.V. Stepanova. Geological aspect of the conditions of formation of Early Proterozoic Vorotnaya Luda garnet-clinopyroxene gabbroid dykes100
S.А. Svetov, А.I. Svetova, Т N. Nazarova. Do Sumian high-Mg andesite-basalts belong to the bajaite series?112
А. Е. Romashkin, D.V. Rychanchik. Results of the accomplishment of the initial stages in the FAR-DEEP Project125
М.М. Filippov, N.S. Biske, А.V. Pervunina, Yu.Е. Deinеs. Correlation of known and new data on the geological structure of the Maksovo shungite-bearing rock deposit130
А.S. Zavertkin, V.I. Tyaganova. The use of carbonaceous rocks from Kazakh deposits in foundry: a comparison with Karelian shungite-bearing rocks143
S.S. Rozhkov, V.А. Timofeyeva, А.B. Solovyeva, А.F. Kedrina, I.А. Chmutin, N.N. Rozhkova. Shungite-filled composites based on mixtures of incompatible polypropylene and polyethylene thermoplasts: electrophysical properties and surface structure148
V.V. Makarikhin. Stromatolitic diversity of Europe156
B.N. Klabukov. Heterogeneity of the geological environment, as shown by geophysical data160
V.V. Solomatov, V.А. Shekov, А.V. Sokolov. Software modelling and analysis of fracture systems in a massif165
D.S. Rybakov, Z.I. Slukovsky. Human-induced finely dispersed precipitation in the urban environment: a potential factor of human health hazards173
В.В. Щипцов, А.И. Голубев. Сергей Иванович Рыбаков (к 70-летию со дня рождения)175
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