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Лесоводственно-экологические аспекты лесохозяйственных мероприятий в условиях Карелии
Ред. В.И. Саковец.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2005. 174 с.
Silvicultural and Ecological aspects of economic activities in forests of Karelia. / Scientific editor V.I. Sakovets. Petrozavodsk: KarRS RAS, 2005. 174 p.

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Articles in proceedings:

Sakovets V.I., Ivanchikov A.A. Forest use dynamics and situation in
the state forest fund in Karelia
Matyushkin V.A. Effects of mineral fertilizer application on the growth and establishment of a dwarf shrub-sphagnum pine forest growing on poor drained raised bog soil19
Matyushkin V.A., Skorokhodova O.N. Changes in the formation processe and productivity of a herb-sphagnum pine stand growing on peaty soil induced by the set of forestry activities35
Ananiev V.A. Growth and establishment of birch and birch-spruce
stands upon drainage and felling
Gavrilov V.N. Establishment of coniferous stands on drained peatland
soils using silvicultural methods
Kozlov V.A., Kisternaya M.V., Aksenenkova Ya.A. Effects of forestry activities on the quality of Scots pine wood: long-term forecasts86
Sin'kevich S.M. Thinning effect on the growth of pine stands101
Sakovets V.I., Ananiev V.A., Matyushkin V.A., Sin'kevich S.M. Changes in forest biodiversity in Karelia under the impact of forestry123
Guermanova N.I., Sakovets V.I. Biological activity of drained peaty soils in middle taiga147
Sakovets V.I. Changes in the nutrient (N, P, K) cycle in herb-sphagnum pine forests under the impact of forest drainage161
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