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Современные проблемы физиологии и биохимии водных организмов: Материалы III Международной конференции c элементами школы для молодых ученых, аспирантов и студентов (22 июня – 26 июня 2010 года)
Петрозаводск: Карельский научный центр РАН, 2010. 216 с.
Current problems of physiology and biochemistry of aquatic organisms: Proceedings of the III International Conference andYoung Scientists School (June 22–26, 2010). Petrozavodsk: Karelian research centre of RAS, 2010. 216 p.
The edition presented articles contributed to III International Conference and Young Scientists School «Current Problems of Physiology and Biochemistry of Aquatic Organisms»

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Articles in proceedings:

T.I. Andreenko. Characteristics of adaptive reorganizations of tissue metabolism in mollusk-invader Аnadara Inaequivalvis (Brugùiere, 1789) under conditions of experimental starvation5
L.A. Bazarkina. The diapausa for Cyclops Scutifer Sars as adaptive population mechanism to environmental changes7
V.S. Balan, A.O. Kasumyan. Investigation of the role of intraoral mechanoreception in regulation of feeding in african catfish Clarias Gariepinus8
V.Y. Byyak, Yu.V. Synuik, V.Z. Kurant, V.V. Grubinko. Lipoproteins in the blood serum of some fish of Western Podillya9
Т.V. Bonk, V.I. Shershneva. Biochemical characteristics of juvenile sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus Nerka Walb) in Kurilskoye lake (Kamchatka) during catadromous migration11
E.V. Borvinskaya, I.V. Sukhovskaya, L.P. Smirnov. Glutathione S-transferase activity in fish under mineral contamination12
O.A. Botуazhova, E.V. Ryabuhina. Survival rate of Ceriodaphnia Affinis L. in conditions of joint influence of temperature and toxic factors14
L.A. Bugayov, I.L. Levina, A.V. Voikina, E.A. Fedorova, L.Ya. Kuznetsova. Activity of antioxidant protection and detoxication systems in the azov roach Rutilis rutilis during the spawning period16
I. Burlachenko. Alteration of metabolism of young sterlets under the influence of microorganisms in the combined feeds in the conditions of industrial culture18
O.V. Vasylenko, P.D. Klochenko, T.A. Vasilchuk, Y.V. Synyuk. The fulvik acids influence to activity dynamic of energetic, nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism ensimes of blue-green algae19
А.Е.Веселов, Д.С. Павлов, М.И. Скоробогатов, Д.А. Ефремов. Реореакция и формирование фенотипических групп сеголеток атлантического лосося (Salm Salar L.) в реке Варзуга (Кольский полуостров)21
R.U. Vysotskaya, S.A. Taksheev, V.S. Skidchenko. Effect of heavy metal accumulation on some enzymatic activities of the White sea mussels Mytilus Edulis23
R.U. Vysotskaya, S.A. Taksheev, D.S. Savosin, O.P. Sterligova. Lysosomal enzyme activity in white fish tissues from North-West Russia water basins with different level of pollution impact24
O.Yu.Vyalova. The first results of cultivation of triploid pacific oyster Crassostrea Gigas in the Black sea26
D.V. Garina. The effects of intraperitoneal and intramuscular injections of serotonin on feeding and moving activities of carps Cyprinus Carpio L.28
V.K. Golovanov, D.S. Kapshay. Daily thermopreferendum rhythms of fishes. The analysis and interrelations30
V.K. Golovanov, G.M. Chuiko, V.A. Podgornaya. Physiological and biochemical aspects of fish adaptations in a zone high sublethal temperatures32
I.L. Golovanova. Effect of natural and anthropogenic factors on carbohydrate hydrolysis in fish and their food objects34
I.L. Golovanova, A.A. Filippov. Effect of anthropogenic factors upon fish digestive carbohydrase sensetivity to heavy metals36
I.V. Golovina, O.L. Gostyukhina. The state of the system of antioxidant defense in tissues of males and females of the Black sea flounder Psetta Maeotica Pallas during the spawning38
A.I. Gorda. Adjusting of biosynthesis of lipids at Chlorellа Vulgaris Beijer. by the ions of zinc and lead40
S.B.Gorodovskaya, V.I.Shershneva. The description of physiological condition of maturating salmons in the period of anadromous migrations42
V.V. Grubinko. A regulator role of metals is in adaptation of hydrobionts: evolutional and ecological aspects43
I.M. Dzyubuk, E.A. Klyukina. The morphophysiological characteristics of ruffe from Lachta lip of Onego lake46
I. I. Dorohova. Level of endogenous intoxication in scorpionfish blood depending on gonads maturity48
E.E. Ezhova. The role of dissolved amino acids as factor supporting adaptation of polychaete namanereis littoralis to supralittoral condition49
E.E. Ezhova, S.M. Nikitina. The influence of hydrocortisone and testosterone on neurosecretion and gametogenesis in mytilus galloprovincialis51
I.A. Yerokhina. Protein electrophoresis of seal’s blood plasma in connection with an evaluation of a physiological state of animals53
I.A. Yerokhina. Metabolism peculiarities of pinnipeds in early postnatal period of development55
A.A. Zhydenko. Morpho-physiological adaptations of uneven-aged Cyprinus Carpio L. groups under adverse influence of ecological factors57
A.F. Zhukovskaya, N.N. Belcheva, E.E. Solodova, V.P. Chelomin. Assessment of features in biochemical mechanism of adaptation of young growth scallop Mizuhopecten Yessoensis59
Е.А. Zabotkina, Т.B. Kamshilova. The alteration of hematological parameters of yang fish roach rutilus rutilus at effect of PCBS contenting in feeds and bottoms60
A.V. Zavyalov, E.N. Skuratovskaya. The influence of the nematode Hysterothylacium Aduncum infectiousness on the antioxidant enzyme activities of whiting Merlangius Merlangus Euxinus62
V. F. Zaitsev, E.I. Melyakina, L.Y. Nozdrina. Analysis of microelement composition of organs and tissues Caspian seal63
V.A. Ilyukha, S.N. Kalinina, T.N.Ilyina, I.V. Baishnikova, V.V. Belkin, A.E. Yakimova, E.A. Khizkin, B. Barabash. Participation of antioxidant system in mammals adaptations to different level of oxygen: diving, hibernation and high altitude origin65
A. A. Istomina, N.V. Dovzhenko. The effect of anoxia exposure and aerobic recovery on the antioxidant defenses of scallops Mizuhopecten Yessoensis67
V.Y. Kavun, A.I. Chepkasova, O.V. Podgurskaya, N.N. Kovalev. Peculiarity of cholinergic system of the mussel Crenomytilus Grayanus from metal-elevated environment68
E. I. Kalchenko, T.V. Gavruseva, M.I. Yureva. An assessment of phisiological and bioshemical parameters of hatchery juvenile pacific salmon reared with imported diets in Kamchatka70
N. N. Kamardin, E L. Kornienko, G.P.Udalova, S. V. Kholodkevich. Effect of heavy metal ions on сardioregulatory reflexes in mollusks71
N.P. Kantserova, N.V. Ushakova, L.A. Lysenko, N.N. Nemova. Intracellular calciumdependent proteolytic enzymes in some invertebrates and fish73
L.I. Karamushko. Active metabolism and adaptations in aquatic poikilothermous animals at low temperatures75
A.O.Kasumyan. Taste perception in fish: functional and behavioral aspects76
Т.B. Kovyrshina, S.О. Оmelchenko. Influence of toxic elements on the pro-oxidantantioxidant balance of blood in round-goby Neogobius Melanostomus from the Black and the Azov seas78
A.V. Korolyova. The investigation sexual particularity of the electrophoretic protein spectres80
K.V. Kostyuk. The influence of toxicants on permeability of membranes at freshwater water-plants82
P.A. Kravetsky, I.V. Volkova, S.V. Shipulin. Influence of oil intoxication to hydrolytic function of digestive tract of cyprinids83
М.Ю. Крупнова, Н.Н. Немова, В.С. Скидченко. Влияние солей меди и кадмия на активность лизосомальных протеиназ мидий Mytilus Edulis L85
V.V. Krylov. Adaptive changes in Daphnia Magna Straus (Crustacea, Cladocera) caused by weak low-frequency magnetic field86
V.V. Krylov, O.D. Zotov, Yu.V. Chebotareva, Yu.G. Izyumov, E.A. Osipova, A.V. Znobischeva, N.A. Demtsun. Effects of typical magnetic storm on the early ontogenesis of Daphnia Magna Straus Rutilus Rutilus (L.)88
В.Н. Крючков. Морфофизиологические механизмы регенерации печени рыб после токсического повреждения89
T.V. Kuznetsova, V.V. Trusevich, A.S. Kurakin, S.V. Kholodkevich. Investigations of physiological adaptations of bivalve mollusks based on biomarkers of cardiac activity and shell movements91
N.S. Kuzminova. The concentration of small circulating immune complexes in serum of some species of Black sea fish93
В.В. Кузьмина, Е.Г. Скворцова, М.В. Шалыгин. Температурные характеристики гидролаз консументов, жертв и энтеральной микробиоты (на примере рыб)94
Н.С. Кузьминова. Концентрация малых циркулирующих иммунокомплексов в сыворотке крови некоторых видов черноморских рыб96
T.Yu. Kuchko, L.P. Ryzhkov, Ya. A. Kuchko. Pathological and morphological analysis of fishes’ condition as the indicator of ichthyofauna of the Konopogas’s bay of the lake Onego98
Е.И. Кяйвяряйнен, Е.В. Борвинская, М.М. Куклина, Н.Н. Немова. Роль Na+/K+ атфазы в биохимических механизмах адаптаций к биотическим и абиотическим факторам среды100
T.B. Lapirova, G.M. Chuiko. Some indices of immunophysiological status of bream (Abramis Brama, L.) from the different part of Rybinsk reservoir101
L.N Lapkina, G.M. Chuiko, V.A. Podgornaya. Level of cholinesterase activity and its possible relationship with some ecological characteristics of annelids species103
I.L. Levina, O.A. Zinchuk, E.A. Fedorova, L.Ya. Kuznetsova, E.N. Kozlov. Assessment of pro/antioxidant balance of hydrobionts at earlier stages of their intoxication by strobilurin fungicides105
O.N. Lukyanova, S.A. Ireykina. Biochemical indices for an estimation of a biota state in estuarine zones107
A.S. Mavrin, V.I. Martemyanov. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium content in vertebrae and scales of roach in dependence on pubescence108
E.F. Markovskaya, A.A. Korzunina, N.Y. Shmakova. Pigment apparatus of vascular plants of intertidal zone of northern seas110
В.И. Мартемьянов, А.С. Маврин. Пороговые концентрации катионов в воде необходимые для поддержания ионного баланса между организмом гидробионтов и внешней средой112
K.V. Metalnikova. Histogenesis in response to androgens in Oncorhynchus Mykiss (walbaum) and Huso Huso X Acipenser Ruthenus (hybrid F2)114
O.V. Meshcheryakova, M.V. Churova, N.N. Nemova. Changes of some mitochondrial enzymes activity of fish under anthropogenic conditions116
E.V. Mikodina, E.V. Ganzha, E.D. Pavlov. Some biochemical parameters of two-year old triploid rainbow trout cultivated in South Vietnam117
E.S. Mikhailova, O.M. Isaeva, A.O. Kasumyan. Temporal characteristics for flavored pellet testing behavior in fish with different feeding119
A.A. Morozov, G.M. Chuiko. Features of the mechanisms of the antioxidant system of some freshwater fish species from the Rybinsk reservoir121
I.G. Murza, O.L. Christoforov. Stages of development, calendar and physiological age of young atlantic salmon Salmo Salar L123
M. Nazarova, O. Vasiljeva, P. Ripatty, N. Nemova. Forage influence on lipid structure of fabric different age rainbow trout (Parasalmo Mykiss Walb.) females125
N.A. Nebesikhina. Biochemical composition and nourishing value of soft body of Dreissena mollusks from the manych cascade waterbodies127
Z.A. Nefedova, S.A. Murzina, T.R. Ruokolainen, O.B. Vasil’eva, N.N. Nemova. Lipid spectrum of different unfertilized egg portions of Salmo Salar L128
S.M. Nikitina, N.P. Kudikina. The influence of hormons on embriogenesis snail ordinary (Lymnea Stagnalis, L., Gastropoda, Pulmonata)130
V.N. Novitskaya, I.A. Parfyonova. The morphology and cytometry characters of hydrobionts nucleated erythrocytes (fishes and mollusca) under extreme hypoxia and anoxia conditions131
J.V. Novoselova. Application of fish liver index values for the evaluation of ecological status of environment133
S.I. Ovchinnikova., L.I Timakova, N. A. Panova. Biochemical markers, using for estimation of energetic state of fishes of north basin135
T.D. Orlova, I.A. Kosevich. The role of neuroactive substances during the development of сnidaria (Aurelia Aurita (Scyphozoa) and Gonothyraea Loveni (Hydrozoa)) and their distribution in early ontogenesis stages137
N.V. Pansyuk. Mussel (Mytilus Galloprovincialis Lamark, 1819) in bioindication of the Black sea pollution138
А.P. Popov, L.V. Polikarpova, А.S. Konichev. The activity of nucleases in tissues of bream (Abramis Brama L.) from different to extent of pollution areas of Rybinsk reservoir140
E.K. Popova. Evaluation of phenotypic variability of embryo, larvae and yearling salmon Salmo Salar (Linnaeus, 1758) Morpha Sebago (Girard, 1853) M and F1 generations142
V.V. Prokofiev. The behavior response of cercariae of trematoda as the adaptation to infection of the host143
E.V. Pushchina, D.K. Obukhov. Hydrogen sulfide is an endogenous vasoregulator in the brain of teleost fishes145
E.V. Pushchina, D.K. Obukhov. Hydrogen sulfide as modulator gaba-ergic neurotransmission in CNS of Carpinus Сarpio148
S.V. Piyanova. Assessment of ovaries histological condition of antarctic toothfish Dissostichus Mawsoni (Nototheniidae) in the different regions of catch150
A.L. Rabinovich, A.P. Lyubartsev. Unsaturated chains of phospholipid molecules and properties of hydrated lipid bilayers: computer simulations152
A.L. Rabinovich, P.O. Ripatti. Structure, properties, functions of very long polyenoic fatty acids (Monte Carlo computer simulation study)154
A.A. Reunov , B.J. Crawford, Yu.A. Reunova. An investigation of “Yolk” localization in the testes of the sea star Pisaster Ochraceus155
A.A. Reunov, B.J. Crawford, Yu.A. Reunova. Oocyte destruction mechanisms in sea star Pisaster Ochraceus157
I.I. Rudneva, V.G. Shaida, N.S. Kuzminova, E.N. Skuratovskaya. The effects of physical impact on biochemical parameters of aquatic organisms158
L.P. Ryzhkov. Track record of the growing of the roach (Rutilus Rutilus L) in north lakes159
E.V. Ryabuhina, O.A. Botуazhova, J.A. Nikiforova. Change of functional condition ceriodaphnia affinis at influence of various factors of environment161
Yu. A. Silkin, Ye.N. Silkina. Characteristic property of the phospholipids composition of plasmatic membrane of erythrocytes from some marine fishes of different ecology163
Ю.А. Силкин, Е.Н. Силкина. Особенности фосфолипидного состава плазматических мембран эритроцитов некоторых морских рыб разной экологии165
Yu. A. Silkin, Ye.N. Silkina. Phospholipid fatty acid composition of R B C plasma membranes of some cartilaginous and bony fishes from the Black sea166
V.S. Skidchenko, R.U. Vysotskaya, M.Yu. Krupnova, V.V. Khalaman. Alterations of some biochemical parameters of blue mussel Mytilus Edulis under the influence of secretory/excretory products (seps) of the several white sea invertebrates168
E.N. Skuratovskaya. Seasonal variations of antioxidant enzyme activities in blood of red mullet Mullus Barbatus Ponticus of the coastal area of Sevastopol170
Slobodskova V.V., Solodova E. E., Chelomin V.P. Application of genotoxic analysis for monitoring of coastal zone of Peter the Great bay172
Yu.D. Smirnova. The activity of the amp-deaminase in the tissues of the black sea fish which have different physiological swimming speeds173
A.A. Soldatov. Mechanisms of development and compensation of tissue hypoxia in marine fishes175
П.М. Терентьев. Особенности развития патологий рыб водоемов Северной Фенноскандии в зависимости от условий среды и интенсивности промышленного загрязнения177
N.N.Timoshkina, A.E. Barmintseva, D.V. Kovalenko. Comparison of genetic polymorphism of russian sturgeon and beluga179
G.P. Udalova, V.P. Fedotov, A.V. Ivanov, E. L. Kornienko, S.V. Kholodkevich. The circadian cardiorhythm and the cardiac response in suspension test as criteria of normal and stress states in crayfish Pontastacus Leptodactylus180
E.V. Fedonenko, T.V. Ananieva, T.S. Sharamok. Some aspects of energy and plastic metabolism at industrial fishes of the zaporozhian reservoir under the conditions of heavy metal contamination182
E.A. Fedorova. Assessment of strobilurin fungicides toxicity to daphnia184
S.V. Kholodkevich, T.V. Kuznetsova, S.V. Sladkova, G.P. Udalova., V.A. Lyubimtsev. Methodological approaches for selection of reference groups of benthic invertebrates based on complex of assessments of their functional state186
V.A. Khomenchuk, S.R. Simchuk, М.A. Myronyuk, V.Z. Kurant. Distribution peculiarites of zinc ions in organism of Carassius Carassius L188
A.I. Chepkasova. Practical aspects of salmon liver biotechnology190
G.M. Chuiko, P.A. Gdovskii, V.A. Podgornaya. Action of the reactive oxygen species upon acetylcholinesterase of fish brain and bovine erythrocytes and some elements of its antyoxidative defense191
M.V. Churova, O.V. Mescherjakova, N.N. Nemova. Gene expression and activities of enzymes of energy and carbohydrate metabolism of whitewish (Coregonus lavaretus L.) from the tailing dump of kostomuksha iron mining and ore dressing mill193
V.G. Shaida. Effects of physical factors on heat production of aquatic organisms195
M.A. Shcherbina. On influence of feed quality on metabolism in fish196
В.В. Юрченко, Г.М. Чуйко. Активность этоксирезоруфин-о-диэтилазы (эрод) рыб как биомаркер загрязнения водной среды стойкими органическими загрязняющими веществами199
Lionel Camus, Gro Olsen, Jasmine Nahrgang. Biomonitoring tools and risk assessment in the arctic201
Alla Silkina, Luc Bourgeois, Effendy A.W.M. Some physiological aspects of diatoms lipid synthese (food resource for abalone postlarvae)203
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