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Современные проблемы физиологии и биохимии водных организмов Том I. Экологическая физиология и биохимия водных организмов
Сборник научных статей – Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2010. 320 с.

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Articles in proceedings:

T.I. Andreenko. Aspects of adaptable strategy of the mollusk-invader Аnadara inaequivalvis (Bruguiere, 1789) under conditions of experimental starvation11
O.V. Vasylenko, P.D. Klochenko, T.A. Vasilchuk, Y.V. Synyuk. The influence of fulviс acids to energetic, nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism in blue-green algae17
O.B. Vasiljeva, V.V. Lavrova, E.P. Ieshko, N.N. Nemova. Change of lipid composition of livers burbot Lota lota (L.) at invasion of plerocercoid triaenophorus nodulosus20
R.U. Vysotskaya, S.A. Taksheev, V.S. Skidchenko. Estimation of the ore-mining industry wastes effect on the mass fish species of the kostomukshskoe reservoir using lysosomal enzymes activity assay25
С.Б. Городовская, В.И. Шершнева. Биохимические особенности тихоокеанских лососей в зависимости от состояния гонад созревающих особей в период весенне-летнего нагула и анадромной миграций в 2000 и 2007 гг31
I.I. Dorohova. Specific peculiarities of endogenous intoxication in blood of the black sea fishes40
I.I. Dorohova, J.V. Novoselova. Peculiarities of morphophyisiological and biochemical parameters in scorpionfish liver inhabiting in bays with different anthropogenies influence44
A.F. Zhukovskaya, V.P. Chelomin. Assessment of features in biochemical mechanism of adaptation of young growth scallopmizuhopecten yessoensis49
V.F. Zaitsev, E.I. Melyakina, L.Y. Nozdrina. Reasons for lowering the Caspian seal population57
N.N. Kamardin, E.L. Kornienko, G.P. Udalova, S.V. Kholodkevich. Changes of heart reactions under influences of heavy metal ions on mollusks60
N.P. Kantserova, L.A. Lysenko, N.N. Nemova. Structure and properties peculiarities of intracellular calcium-activated proteases in invertebrate animals68
A.O. Kasumyan. Evaluation of food item quality by intraoral receptors in fishes: behavioral and physiological aspects74
Т.B. Kovyrshina. Antioxidant enzymes system peculiarities in roundgoby's blood neogobius melanostomus in spawning season80
M.Y. Krupnova, N.N. Nemova, V.S. Skidchenko. Influence of heavy metals (CD, CU) on the activity of lysosomal proteinases mussel Mytilus edulis L84
V.V. Krylov, Yu.G. Izyumov, Yu.V. Chebotareva. Action of typical magnetic storm and weak low-frequency magnetic fields on Rutilus rutilus (L.) (comparison of the experimental data)88
T.V. Kuznetsova , V.V. Trusevich, A.S. Kurakin, S.V. Kholodkevich, A.V. Ivanov. Investigations of physiological adaptations in bivalve mollusks based on biomarkers of cardiac activity and valve movements93
V.V. Kuz’mina. The role of serotonin in fish exotrophy regulation102
N.S. Kuz′minova, E.N. Skuratovskaya, I.I. Dorohova, A.V. Savyalov, A.V. Berdieva. The modern state of black sea whithig in coastal area of Sevastopol108
E.I. Kaivarainen, E.V. Borvinskaya, G. G. Serpunin, M.M. Kuklina, N.N. Nemova. Role of NA+/K+ atpase in the biochemical mechanism of adaptation to abiotic and biotic environmental factors115
O.N. Lukyanova, S.A. Ireykina. Biochemical indices for biota assessment in estuaries zones121
L.A. Lysenko, N.P. Kantserova, E.I. Kaivarainen, N.N. Nemova, N.A. Kashulin. The effect of Sr2+ on intracellular Са2+-dependent proteases in fish127
L.A. Lysenko, E.I. Kaivarainen, M.Y. Krupnova, N.N. Nemovа. Role of intracellular proteases in muscle tissue damage in fish137
A.S. Mavrin, V.I. Martemyanov. The content of natrium, potassium, calcium, magnesium in vertebras and scales of roach Rutilus rutilus L. depending on gonad maturity140
V.I. Martemyanov, A.S. Mavrin. Threshold concentration of cation in water necessary for maintenance of ionic balance between aquatic organisms and environment146
K.V. Metalnikova. Histogenesis in response to androgens in Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum) and Huso huso x acipenser ruthenus (hybrid F2)151
O.V. Meshcheryakova, M.V. Churova, N.N. Nemova. Mitochondrial lactate oxidation complex and its role for cell energy homeostasis163
E.S. Mikhailova, O.M. Isaeva, A.O. Kasumyan. Features of testing behavior and its temporal characteristics for flavored pellet in fish with different feeding172
I.G. Murza, O.L. Christoforov. Growth and sexual maturation of atlantic salmon females in captive brood stock176
N.N. Nemova. Mechanisms of biochemical adaptations in water organisms: ecological and evolutional aspects198
Z.A. Nefedova, S.A. Murzina, T.R. Ruokolainen, P.O. Ripatti, N.N. Nemova. Lipid spectrum of different unfertilized egg portions of Salmo salar L215
T.D. Orlova, I.A. Kosevich. The role of neuroactive substances during the development of сnidaria (aurelia aurita (scyphozoa) and gonothyraea loveni (hydrozoa)) and their spatial distribution in early ontogenesis stages219
N.V. Pansyuk. The influence of the man-caused pollution on viability of mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamark, 1819) in resort areas of the Black sea226
E.V. Pushchina. NO- and H2S-producing cells presence in the brain stem and medullar part of the salmon onchorhynchus masou brain231
E.V. Pushchina, D.K. Obukhov. NO and H2S producing sysrems in salmon onchorhynchus masou telencephalic areas238
A.L. Rabinovich, P.O. Ripatti. Unusual very long polyenoic chains of phospholipids: Monte Carlo computer simulation study of properties245
I.I. Rudneva, N.F. Shevchenko, I.N. Zalevskaya. Morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters of male and female of scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus) exposed in chronic anthropogenic impact261
V.S. Skidchenko, R.U. Vysotskaya. Tissuespecifity of lysosomal nuclease activity in different fish species266
V.V. Slobodskova, E.E. Solodova, V.P. Chelomin. Aplication of genotoxic analysis for monitoring of coastal zone of the piter the great bay272
A.A. Soldatov. Experimental hypothermia influence on the capillary network state of marine fishes skeletal muscles278
I.V. Sukhovskaya, E.V. Borvinskaya, L.P. Smirnov. The effect of industrial waters of mining factory on low molecular weight peptide’s composition of some species of fishes283
E.A. Fedorova, N.I. Shcherbakova. Aquatic toxicity of dimoxistrobin to Daphnia magna Straus and Acipencer ruthenus L288
N.N. Fokina, N.V. Lesonen, T.R. Ruokolainen, Z.A. Nefedova, O.V. Fomina, G.A. Shklyarevich, N.N. Nemova. Lipid composition of hepatopancreas asterias rubens l. from Kandalaksha bay of the White sea291
S.V. Kholodkevich, T.V. Kuznetsova, S.V. Sladkova, G.P. Udalova., V.A. Lyubimtsev. Methodological approaches for selection of reference groups of benthic invertebrates based on complex of assessments of their functional state297
M.V. Churova, O.V. Meshcheryakova, N.N. Nemova. Relationship between growth characteristics, activities of several enzymes and geneticmolecular parameters in white muscle of whitefish of different ages from lake Kamennoe (Republic of Karelia)304
V.G. Shaida, E.N. Skuratovskaya, I.I. Rudneva. Responses of artemia on UVradiation312
V.V. Yurchenko, G.M. Chuiko. Ethoxyresorufin-o-deethylase (erod) activity in fish as a biomarker of water pollution with persistent organic contaminants316
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