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. No 1. . . . 11
2011. 110 .
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 1. Biogeography. 2011. 110 p.
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Articles in journal:

V.Yu. Neshataeva. The plant cover of the Kamchatka peninsula and its geobotanical subdivision3
N.E. Korolyova. On syntaxonomy of Dryas octopetala L. dominated tundra plant communities of Fennoscandia and Spitsbergen23
Ilyinov A.A., Raevskiy B.V., Rudkovskaya O.V., Topchieva L.V. Comparative assessment of the phenol- and genotype diversity of old-growth northern taiga (Picea X Fennica) populations37
P.S. Burlakov, K.A. Khmara. Lightning ignited forest fires as a geoecological factor influencing the stability of light coniferous forests of the Soyana river basin on belomorsko-kuloyskoe plateau48
I.V. Zenkova, A.S. Zaitsev, L.V. Zalish, A.A. Liskovaya. List of oribatid mites (Acariformes: Oribatida) in tundra and nothern taiga soils of the Murmansk region54
D.N. Kovalyov, I.Yu. Popov. Annual cycle of the pond bat (Myotis Dasycneme) spatial distribution and abundance in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region68
Titov A.F., Vdovitsyn V.T., Kryshen' A.M., Lebedev V.A., Polin A.K. Application of modern information technologies in protected area network development (case study of Karelia)82
E.P. Ieshko, D.I. Lebedeva, L.V. Anikieva. International symposium Parasites of the Holarctic region (Petrozavodsk, October 48, 2010)87
Krutov V.I. , Predtechenskaya O.O. Vladimir Shubin (on the 85th anniversary)92
S.F. Komulainen. Additional materials for the Bibliography on algae of the European North of Russia97
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