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. No 2. . . . 12
2011. 169 .
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 2. Biogeography. 2011. 169 p.
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Articles in journal:

Bogolitsyn K.G., Bolotova N.L., Gromtsev A.N., Danilov P.I., Dyogteva S.V., Yefimov V.A., Zhirov V.K., Kovalyov D.N., Kryshen A.M., Kuznetsov O.L., Maksutova N.K., Mamontov V.N., Masloboev V.A., Noskov G.A., Taskaev A.I., Titov A.F. On the integrated interregional system of protected areas in the European North4
Gnatuyk E.P., Kryshen A.M., Kuznetsov O.L. Biogeographical characteristics of borderland Karelia12
Kravchenko A.V. New data on the distribution of vascular plants in Pasvik strict nature reserve and adjacent areas of the Murmansk region23
Ruokolainen A.V., Krutov V.I., Khimich Yu.R. Aphyllophoraceous and phytopathogenic macro- and microfungi in forests of Pasvik strict nature reserve (Murmansk region)29
S.F. Komulaynen. Phytoperiphyton in rivers of the green belt of Fennoscandia35
E.A. Borovichev, V.A. Kostina, S.S. Schalygin. Some important plant areas of Lapland strict nature reserve (Murmansk region)48
Gromtsev A.N., Belkin V.V., Danilov P.I., Krutov V.I., Kuznetsov O.L., Ruokolainen A.V., Predtechenskaya O.O., Kravchenko A.V., Sazonov S.V., Tirronen K.F., Panchenko D.V., Polevoi A.V., Fadeeva M.A., Humala A.E. Characteristics and ecological assessment of natural complexes in the central part of the west-karelian upland56
Kravchenko A.V., Kuznetsov O.L. Role of existing and planned protected areas in the green belt of Fennoscandia in conservation of nationally and regionally red-listed vascular plants76
A.Yu. Doronina. Flora of the Rakovye ozera nature reserve (Leningrad region)85
A.I. Maksimov, M.A. Boychuk. Diversity of mosses in operating and planned protected areas in the Karelian part of the green belt of Fennoscandia100
I.V. Zenkova, V.V. Pozharskaya, B.Yu. Filippov, A.A. Kolesnikova, S.D. Seredyuk. Altitudinal zonality and beetles in soils of the Khibiny mountains107
Gromtsev A.N., Petrov N.V., Tuyunen A.V., Karpin V.A. Structure and dynamics of primary and secondary forests in the central part of the west-karelian upland119
T.Yu. Khokhlova, A.V. Artemiev. The importance of the green belt of Fennoscandia for the conservation of the bird fauna of the northern taiga of Europe127
Bakhmet O.N., Fedorets N.G., Kryshen A.M. . Investigations within the international program ICP-forests in Karelia133
V.E. Pilipenko. New records of the Cranefly Tipula (Savtshenkia) Confusa (Diptera, Tipulidae) from NW Russia140
Humala A.E., Polevoi A.V. Records of new and remarkable insect species (insecta) in Northern Ladoga area142
P.I. Danilov, V.V. Belkin, K.F. Tirronen. 5th international symposium Dynamics of game animals populations in Northern Europe145
R. Heikkila, T. Lindholm, P. Salminen, O. Kuznetsov. Rauno Ruuhijärvi (on the 80th anniversary)150
O. L. Kuznetsov. Tatyana Yurkovskaya (on the 80th anniversary)153
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