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Карпечко Ю.В., Бондарик Н.Л.
Гидрологическая роль лесохозяйственных и лесопромышленных работ в таежной зоне Европейского Севера России
ПетрозаводскЖ КарНЦ РАН, 2010. 225 с.
The monograph is devoted to hydrology pressing questions – the formation of runoff in secondary and climax forests. The characteristic of forest management activities is presented. The substantiation of classification of forests from the point of view of their hydrological role is given. Techniques of calculation of forest inventory parameters necessary for the decision of hydrological problems are offered. Methodological aspects are considered and the techniques of estimation of change of elements of water budget as a result of forest industry and forest management activities (clean cutting, thinning, forest reclamation) are offered. Original techniques of calculation of transpiration, evaporations of a liquid and solid precipitation from forest canopy and evaporation from the ground cover are offered. Features of formation of water budget elements in secondary and climax forests are considered. Estimations of a hydrological role of clean cutting and thinning (including estimations for changing climatic conditions) are given. The change of evaporation and runoff after forest reclamation is estimated. The anthropogenic component of evaporation and of runoff in secondary forests of Karelia is calculated for the first time. The monograph can be useful for experts in hydrology, silviculture, ecology, for teachers and the students training in specialties of hydrology, forestry and ecology.

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