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А.А. Еркоева, С.Н. Дроздов, Е.С. Холопцева.
Влияние кислотности почвы на экофизиологическую характеристику сеянцев сосны обыкновенной
// Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 2. Сер. Экспериментальная биология. 2012. C. 84-90
A.A. Erkoeva, S.N. Drozdov, E.S. Kholoptseva. Effects of soil acidity on eco,physiological characteristics of scots pine seedlings of different provenance // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 2. Experimental biology. 2012. Pp. 84-90
Keywords: Pinus sylvestris L., seedlings, gaseous CO2 exchange in intact plants, light=temperature characteristics, optimum and maximum net photosynthesis, soil рН
Ecological characteristics of whole two-months-old Scots pine seedlings of different provenance were investigated through the study of gaseous CO2 exchange under different light-temperature conditions at three levels of soil acidity. Investigations were carried out in a pre planned multi-factor experiment in a controlled environment. It has been established that eco-physiological characteristics depend on both the provenance and soil acidity. The 200–570 W m=2 light range and the temperature of 4–30 C were optimal. As one moved southwards the light range optimal for the net photosynthesis rate shifted towards lower light intensity, whereas the lower limit of the optimal temperature range shifted towards higher values. As the soil acidity increased (pH 4.5) the light-temperature range optimal for net photosynthesis shiftеd upwards; decrease in pH to 3.5 caused the range to shift towards lower values, irrespective of the provenance.
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