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Буторина Н. Н., Т. М. Геннадиева, В. Г. Петросян.
База данных гельминтологического музея РАН и перспективы ее развития
// Нематоды естественных и трансформированных экосистем. Сборник научных статей. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2011. C. 47-49
Butorina, N.N., Gennadieva, T.M., Petrosyan, V.G. Helminthological museum ras database and the prospects of its development // Nematodes of natural and transformed ecosystems. Collected scientific papers. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre RAS, 2011. Pp. 47-49
The objective of the information and retrieval system (IRS) and database (DB) establishing was as follows: to inventory and systematize the museum funds; to facilitate the search of data on taxa present in the collection; to make information on the collection materials accessible for the international community of helmintologists. Zoological and phytohelminthological local DB, were created. The Microsoft Access format was chosen as a basis for developing of the Helmintholological Museum RAS DB local version. A table and a screen forms of the data input developed, enable to accomplish the inventory of species of parasitic worms present in the collection according to the following indices: the ordinal number of a preparation; the collection address (type, general, or mass); the author of the initial description, and the year of its publication; the systematic status; the age and sexual characteristics of the material, collection time and place; the host; the parasite localization; the authors of the specimen identification, collection and preparation; data from the field and lab journals; bibliography. It is planned to develop a form for the input of illustrative material on every helminth species, and creation of the Internet version of IRS and DB (DB server version: the Interbase SQL-server). The work is supported by the program «Bioresources».

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