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  1. Albedo of a Small Ice-Covered Boreal Lake: Daily, Meso-Scale and Interannual Variability on the Background of Regional Climate
    Zdorovennova G., Palshin N., Efremova T., Zdorovennov R., Gavrilenko G., Volkov S., Bogdanov S., Terzhevik A. Geosciences 2018, 8(6). 2018. P. 206. DOI: 10.3390/geosciences8060206 (Web of Science, Scopus, RISC)
  2. Development of the palaeolimnologacal database palaeolake
  3. Effects of similar weather patterns on the thermal stratification, mixing regimes and hypolimnetic oxygen depletion in two boreal lakes with different water transparency
    Mammarella I., Gavrylenko G., Zdorovennova G., Ojala A., Erkkilä K.-M., Zdorovennov R., Stepanyuk O., Palshin N., Terzhevik A., Vesala T. & Heiskanen J. Boreal Env. Res. 2018, 23. 2018. Pp. 237-247 (Web of Science, Scopus, RISC)
  4. edited by: Subetto D.A., Shelekhova T.S., Slukovskii Z.I., Druzhinina O.A. [et al.]. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. 2018. 134 p.
  5. Modified parameterization of the vertical water temperature profile in the FLake model
    Golosov S., I. Zverev, E. Shipunova, A. Terzhevik. Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography, 2018. 70. 2018. P. 1. DOI: 10.1080/16000870.2018.1441247 (Web of Science, Scopus, RISC)
  6. New data on the structure of quaternary sediments and modern geodynamic movements in lake Ladoga
  7. Short Internal Waves in a Small Ice-Covered Lake
    Palshin N.I., Bogdanov S.R., Zdorovennova G.E., Zdorovennov R. E., Efremova T. V., Belashev B. Z., Terzhevik A. Yu. Water Resources. 2018, 45(5). 2018. Pp. 695-705. DOI: 10.1134/S0097807818050159 (Web of Science, Scopus)
  8. The reconstruction of the environmental development on southern periphery of the Valdai (Poozerie) glaciation in the late glacial and holocene
    Kublitskiy Y., Subetto D., Vlasov B., Novik A., Leontev P., Grekov I., Syrykh L., Sokolova N., Brylkin V. LateglacialInterglacial transition: glaciotectonic, seismoactivity, catastrophic hydrographic and landscape changes: INQUA Peribaltic Working Group Meeting and Excursion 2018 International Scientific Conference and School for Young Scientists, 19-25 August 2018. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. 2018. P. 82
  9. Varved clays and a clay-varve chronology of the periglacial lake Onego, NW Russia
  10. Approval of the operational diagnose and forecasting system of hydrometeorological characteristics for Caspian Sea
    Fomin V.V., Diansky N.A., Vyruchalkina T.Yu. InterCarto/InterGIS. Proceedings of the International Conference. Vol. 24, part 1. Petrozavodsk: KRC RAS. 2018. C. 321-333. DOI: 10.24057/2414-9179-2018-1-24-321-333 (RISC)

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