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V.F. Yudina.
The diversity of meadows on the Kizhi and Volkostrov Islands, Karelia
// Biodiversity of Fennoscandia (diversity, human impact, nature conservation). Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 1997.
The Kizhi and Volkostrov islands, covered by forests in the past, have been inhabited by people and used for agricultural purposes for several centuries. Forests gave way to plowland, hayland, vegetable gardens and pastures. Meadow coenoses are now widespread on abandoned plowland. In addition, perennial grasses that were not replowed for a long time and turned into multispecies meadow coenoses were sown in some plowlands.

The study of meadow vegetation on the islands has shown that practically all the meadows are secondary and that almost all of them represent the genuine meadow formation class (Prata genuina). The meadow coenoses known on the islands belong to 8 associations. The coenoses of some associations, such as Magnograminoso-faboso-herbosum and Deshampsieto-faboso-herbosum, grow on both islands. Besides, some coenoses of the associations Dactylieto-faboso-herbosum and Nanograminoso -faboso-herbosum occur on the Kizhi Island, and those of the associations Anthoxantheto-faboso-herbosum, Nanograminoso -herbosum and Filipenduleto-herbosum are encountered on the Volkostrov Island. Meadow coenoses of the first and second associations are most common. Their grass stands are dominated by Dactylis glomerata, Phleum pratense, Elytrigia repens and Poa pratensis. Legumes and motley grass are abundant. Seven protected species, such as Thlaspi alpestri, Linum catharticum Polygala amarella, Gentianella linqulata, Listera ovata, Gymnadenia conopsea and Plantago lanceolata, grow in one of the coenoses of the first association on the Volkostrov Island. This meadow should , therefore, be protected. Coenoses of the association Nanograminoso-herbosum are also common on the Kizhi Island. Other associations are scarce. Of great aesthetic and cognitive interest is a small meadow formed by Nanograminoso-herbosum and fairly abundant (10-15%) Stellaria graminea. The meadow is located on the western slope of Volkostrov. Such meadows are extremely scarce in Karelia. Thus, The Kizhi and Volkostrov islands have fairly diverse meadows in which many (13 species) rare and protected plants and unique plant communities occur. To preserve such meadows, they should not be replowed, but they must be mowed regularly, otherwise they are gradually overgrown bushes and trees.
Last modified: May 31, 2012