Scientific publications

A.P. Tsarev.
Methodical approaches to intraspecific diversity study of forest tree species
// Biodiversity of Fennoscandia (diversity, human impact, nature conservation). Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 1997.
It was be worked out some appoaches of estimation of intraspecific diversity initial state of basic forest tree in situ.

By that are used the publications of V. N. Sucatchev (1961), L. F. Pravdin (1975), V. E. Perfiljev (1980), V. P. Putenikhin (1993), T. Standovar (1996), E. Tomppo (1996), L. Gustafsson (1996), M. N. Jegorov (1997) a. o. The studied characteristics have worth-while to divide into some groups :

1. indicators which are estimated by forest inventories,
2. morphological and phenological characteristics of vegetative and generative organs,
3. specific biological characteristics and
4. ecological characteristics.
For assessment of population fragmentation, variation of biodiversity within populations and among populations it may be used some mathematical methods: Hellwig taxonomical method, claster method, izotropic analyse methods, coordinate method of complex estimation a. o. (Egorov, 1997), indicators of population variation on polimorphical characteristics (Zhivotovskii, 1979, 1980) a. o. Indices of Shannon's H and Simpson's D may be used also for evident expressed forms (T. Standovar, 1996).

The research is carred out by granted Subprogram "Biodiversity" of Federal Centre of Research Programs "Priority Research in Filds of Development of Science and Technics for Citizen Society" of Russia.
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