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Л.В. Топчиева, В.А. Корнева, И.В. Курбатова.
Показатели артериальной жесткости носителей разных аллельных вариаций гена NOS2 при артериальной гипертензии
L.V. Topchieva, V.A. Korneva, I.V. Kurbatova. Arterial stiffness indicators of carriers of NOS2 gene different allelic variations in arterial hypertension // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 7. Experimental biology. 2022. P. 57–66
Keywords: arterial hypertension; arterial stiffness; nitric oxide; allelic polymorphism; NOS2 gene
Arterial stiffness indicators (reflected wave propagation time (RWTT), aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV), arterial stiffness index (ASI), augmentation index (AIx)) were assessed in healthy people and patients with arterial hypertension with different allelic variants of the NOS2 gene (rs1730017 (C>T), rs1800482 (G>C)). We examined healthy individuals (64 people, age 38.58 ± 2.19 years, 28 men and 36 women) and patients with AH (stage I-II) (36 people, age 38.04 ± 1.20 years , 20 men and 16 women). In the group of patients with AH, differences in ASI values between carriers of the T allele and CC genotype of rs1730017 (p = 0.036) and daily average AIx, AIx daily values in individuals with GG and GC + CC genotypes rs1800482 (G> C) were revealed (p = 0.049, p = 0.017, respectively). In the group of healthy people, a significant increase in daily AIx was found in carriers of the C allele at rs1800482 (p = 0.048). Carriage of the T allele by rs1730017, for which a protective effect on the development of AH has been previously shown, causes lower values of the arterial stiffness index in patients with this disease. The presence of the C allele of by rs1800482 in the genotype of healthy and sick people, associated with an increased risk of hypertension, is probably one of the reasons for the increase in AIx, as one of the indicators of arterial stiffness.
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