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Пыстина Т.Н., Семенова Н.А., Кулюгина Е.Е., Плюснин С.Н.
Лишайники бассейна реки Васъяха (Югорский полуостров, Ненецкий автономный округ)
Pystina T.N., Semenova N.A., Kulyugina E.E., Plyusnin S.N. Lichens of the Vasyakha River catchment (Yugra Peninsula, Nenets Autonomous District) // Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 5. Biogeography. 2023. Pp. 5-17
Keywords: Cetraria laevigata; Hypogymnia subobscura; Dactylina arctica; lichen biota; new findings; rare species; Pay-Khoy Ridge
The territory of the Yugra Peninsula is poorly studied in terms of lichenology. Having processed the specimens of lichens collected during the geobotanical survey in the southwestern part of the peninsula (Pay-Khoy Ridge, Vasyakha River catchment) in 2010, we prepared an annotated list of lichens including 154 species. It contains information on the places where the lichens were found, on the occurrence and attachment of lichens to various types of substrate. Ninety species are reported for the first time for the Yugra Peninsula and 33 for the Nenets Autonomous District. Three rare species (Cetraria laevigata, Hypogymnia subobscura, Dactylina arctica) have been identified. These species are listed in the Red Data Book of the Nenets Autonomous District and Appendix 3 thereto. The incompleteness of the collections, high paludification of the territory and transformation of the tundra vegetation caused by overgrazing by reindeer herds are the reasons for the low diversity of the lichen species composition. The lichenological studies should be continued in this remote and poorly studied region of the European sector of the Arctic.
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