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А.В. Рябинкин, П.А. Лозовик, Т.П. Куликова, А В. Литвиненко, М.В. Калмыков.
Качество воды и экологическое состояние российской части оз. Пюхяярви
The paper presents the results obtained within the Russian-Finnish project "Assessment of the ecological status of a transboundary waterbody" from the Russian part of Lake Pyhajarvi in 1991–2004. It is shown that owing to its geochemical features, Lake Pyhajarvi is a nature object unique for Republic of Karelia. In total phosphorus content, the lake approaches the mesotrophic status. In terms of biological parameters – taxonomic composition, abundance and biomass of zooplankton and macrobenthos, the Russian part of the lake, where human impact is minor, now belongs to the oligotrophic type.

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Last modified: December 17, 2008