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М.В. Михайлова.
Внутривековые изменения речного стока в северо-восточной части бассейна Балтийского моря (на примере водосбора оз. Сямозеро)
Calculations of annual streamflow of River Syapsya (Syanga) were carried out using factual observation data from the Karelian Hydrometeorology Centre of the National Hydrometeorology Committee for the period 1957–1987, and data reconstructed by the hydrological analogue method for 1900–1956 and 1988–1993. Linear trend coefficient was calculated for the generalized series of streamflow from Lake Syamozero catchment over a period of 1900–1993. The linear trend of the time series was found to be positive with a value of ca. 35 mm/100 years, the streamflow norm being 300 mm. The highest water content over the 94-year period in question was in 1962, the lowest streamflow from Lake Syamozero catchment took place in 1947 and 1960.

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