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Ю.И. Инжебейкин, А.В. Некрасов.
О влиянии строительства приливной электростанции (ПЭС) в Мезенском заливе на краткопериодные колебания уровня Белого моря
// Проблемы изучения, рационального использования и охраны ресурсов Белого моря. Материалы IX международной конференции 11-14 октября 2004 г., Петрозаводск, Карелия, Россия. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2005. C. 141-145
Y.I. Inzhebeikin, A.V. Nekrasov. On the effect of Mezen tidal power plant on the short-period sea-level oscillations in the White Sea // The study, sustainable use and conservation of natural resources od the White sea. Proceedings of the IXth international conference October, 11-14, 2004, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia, 2005. Pp. 141-145
The transformation of natural short-period sea-level oscillations (primarily tides and, to a lesser extent, storm surges) is studied resulting from a large-scale tidal power plant barrage assumed to be erected in the head of the Bay of Mezen. Some effects due to this transformation are estimated by means of predictive modelling and a number of expected characteristic changes in amplitudes and phases of tidal oscillations are described. Within the northern part of the White Sea (area of Voronka + Bay of Mezen), the transformation was found to be similar to earlier estimations but new results made it possible to assess the reach beyond the bounds of the metioned area. It is shown that the appreciable influence of transformation effects outside the area of Voronka + Bay of Mezen can be felt primarily within the Gorlo while in the central Basin and inner bays their manifestation is rather low. The changes in tidal energy balance of the sea due to the barrage construction are also considered showing noticeable reconstruction of energy horizontal fluxes and changes in energy dissipation. Possible ecological consequences are related mainly to the changes in position and dimensions of mixed, stratified, frontal and inter-tidal zones.

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