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Л.Е. Назарова.
Изменение климата на водосборе Белого моря
// Проблемы изучения, рационального использования и охраны ресурсов Белого моря. Материалы IX международной конференции 11-14 октября 2004 г., Петрозаводск, Карелия, Россия. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2005. C. 239-243
L.E. Nazarova. Climate changes on the White Sea watershed // The study, sustainable use and conservation of natural resources od the White sea. Proceedings of the IXth international conference October, 11-14, 2004, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia, 2005. Pp. 239-243
As a result of the statistical analysis of the meteorological data for the White Sea region for the period 1950-2000 noticeable changes were detected. Numerical experiments on the ECHAM-4/OPYC3 model show changes in the climate and hydrological regime. Obtained results allow assuming that in Karelia during the 2000-2050 period slow changes in the landscape ecosystems may start.

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