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В.А. Чугайнова.
Биогенные элементы в водах Белого моря
// Проблемы изучения, рационального использования и охраны ресурсов Белого моря. Материалы IX международной конференции 11-14 октября 2004 г., Петрозаводск, Карелия, Россия. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2005. C. 323-326
V.A. Chugainova. The biogeic elements in the White Sea waters // The study, sustainable use and conservation of natural resources od the White sea. Proceedings of the IXth international conference October, 11-14, 2004, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia, 2005. Pp. 323-326
The results of seasonal studies of biogenic elements in the White Sea waters for 2003 are submitted in the paper.
Complex investigations have been covered all areas of the Sea. Stations were settled at regular intervals on all water area (6 stations in each area). Spatial distribution of biogenic elements in the White Sea depends mainly on water dynamics. Waters of river flow are more abundant in biogenic elements (especially in Si and N), than surface sea waters, and the zones, subject to their impact, are characterized accordingly by plots of the increased concentration of these elements. Basic biogenic element concentration changes in photic layer are connected to seasonal changes of productive-destructive process intensities which cause during the spring-and-summer period an oxygen oversaturation in waters, the minimal concentration of mineral forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, and also their accumulation during the autumn period. Maps of nitrates, phosphates and silicates distribution in surface layer of water are presented.

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