Scientific activity

Database "Groundwater of Karelia-Kola region"

Database contains hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical information received NWPI since 1976 and information from reports of varios organizations carring out the hydrogeologocal mapping and drilling in the region.

Used DBMS:

Structure of database
List of fields:
  • source
  • date of sampling (yeas, month, day)
  • organization of sampling
  • location
  • depth of well
  • rock
  • groundwater level
  • depth of sampling
  • yield
  • geographic coordinates
  • geographic elevation
  • groundwater temperature
  • pH
  • redox (Eh)
  • chemical composition of groundwater
  • gas composition of groundwater (O2, CO2, H2, CH4, Ar, He, Rn)

List of objects:
  • groundwater of Karelian subregions (18)
  • native water of ore bodies
  • groundwater of Petrozavodsk (monitiring since 1993)
  • native water and snow-water of Petchenga-Nicel

Total number of records:

Total volime of data:
10000 Mb

group of hydrogeology NWPI

Administrator of database:
Perskii N.E.

Contact information:
Phone: +7 (8142) 55-04-69

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Last modified: February 27, 2007