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Database "Boloto"

The date base contains hydrometeorologycal observations obtained from 1962 to 1990 on drained bog and water-logged lands in Karelia.

Used DBMS:

Structure of database
Database is combination of tables with following characteristics:
  • air and soil temperature,
  • soil humidity,
  • evaporation,
  • precipitation,
  • runoff,
  • ground water level,
  • frost depth.

The characteristics are grouped on following signs:
  • observing station,
  • object of observation,
  • kind of measuring instrument,
  • observation point,
  • soil,
  • see-level elevation,
  • altitude above (below) ground,
  • catchment area,
  • observation date: year, month, day and hour.

Total number of records:

Total volime of data:
4 Mb

Laboratory of hydrogeology and drainage basins hydrology, Northern Water Problems Institute, Karelian Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Administratorof database:
Nesterenko Ivan M.

Contact information:
Phone: +7 (8142) 550469

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Last modified: February 27, 2007