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Database "Mink Reproduction"

The date contain infomation on dates and number of mating, males and females, dates of whelping, number of live and stillborn whelps in litter, whelps' death dynamics during the first 40 days of their life, cases of cannibalism in females in parturition and post-natal period. The data for the 1992-1997 periods are given. Data on weather from 1992 through 1994.

Used DBMS:

Total number of records:
4426 + 276(data on weather from 1992 through 1994)

Total volime of data:
1.5 Mb + 23 Kb(data on weather from 1992 through 1994)

Laboratory of Animals Ecophysiology

Administrator of database:
Victor A. Ilyukha

Contact information:
Address: Institute of Biology KarRC RAS, 11 Pushkinskaya st, Petrozavodsk 185610, Karelia, Russia
Office phone: +7(8142) 776175,

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Last modified: February 27, 2007