Strategies and Best Practices for Sustainable/Green Development of Cities and Regions. Presentations

Alexander Titov, Alexander Kryshen, Andrey Gromtsev. "Developing the Environmental Framework for Northern Territories by the example of Green Belt of Fennoscandia Model" in Russian (11.1 Mb, total downloads: 330)

Yuri Saveliev, Alexander Titov. " New Infrastructural Model for Sustainable Development of Northern Territories" in Russian (10.89 Mb, total downloads: 138)

Elena_Belova. "European approaches towards green planning and opportunities of their implementation in Russia" in Russian (3.71 Mb, total downloads: 450)

Inge Aarhus. "Nordic Russian Green Growth Arena Road Map" - in English (590 Kb, total downloads: 210)

Evgeny Zhirnel', Igor Shevchuk, Raimo Heikkila, Timo Hokkanen. "Implementation of the eco-efficiency concept in Karelia and Finland (the example of the project "Eco-efficient tourism")" - in Russian (3.2 Mb, total downloads: 154)

Evgeny Zhirnel'. "Assessment of the actual present-day utilization of the potential capacity of tourism areas" in Russian (2.36 Mb, total downloads: 410)

Flemming_Meyer. "Aarhus city green triangle Denmark' second largest city" - in English (9.1 Mb, total downloads: 137)

Igor Shevchuk. "AQUAREL Concept: Intersectoral cooperation and innovative approaches towards the utilization of aquatic bioresources" (4.16 Mb, total downloads: 164)

Julia Moshnik. "Monrepos Park" (190.58 Mb, total downloads: 125)

Maria Bulatova. " Green projects of cross-border and international cooperation of Pskov Region" (2 Mb, total downloads: 227)

Mats Jonsson. " Swedish Solution for Bioenergy" in English (18.97 Mb, total downloads: 125)

Yuri Saveliev. "GREEN CITIES AND SETTLEMENTS implementing New "Infrastructural" Model of sustainable development of Northern territories" in Russian (4.36 Mb, total downloads: 130)

Marina_lebedeva. "Sustainable development of new industrial port zone" in Russian (18.29 Mb, total downloads: 139)

Ewa Figórska. "Clean Business Programme. Competitive, Innovative, Creative through Environment! " - In English (15.7 Mb, total downloads: 120)

Ewa Figórska. Greenways as a method for mobilizing people, places and resources for practical action on sustainable development (78.35 Mb, total downloads: 143)

George Varlamov. "BalticClimate Project: Outcomes and Experiences Gained" in Russian (5.4 Mb, total downloads: 226)

Mats Jonsson. "Sustanable business hub" in English (56.15 Mb, total downloads: 129)

Mats Jonsson. "Waste management on export" in English (348 Kb, total downloads: 240)

Natalia Lavrushina. "International projects as a tool for sustainable management" in Russian (2.8 Mb, total downloads: 376)

Olga Borisenko. "Waste Treatment N1 Project of Murmansk Region" in Russian (5.41 Mb, total downloads: 372)

Olga Borisenko. "Results of international cooperation on waste management in Apatity" - in Russian (3.58 Mb, total downloads: 173)

Sigmund Haugsjå. "Eco-Lighthouse. It's about doing our home work" in English (516 Kb, total downloads: 190)

Sigmund Haugsjå. "Some experiences on how to face the Environmental and Climate challenges" in English (8.64 Mb, total downloads: 165)

Last modified: July 3, 2012