KarRC RAS structure

Interdisciplinary scientific and educational center of Northern European studies NORDICA

Head: Dr. of Philology, RAS Corr. Fellow, Professor Mullonen, Irma Ivanovna
Interdisciplinary scientific and educational center of Northern European studies NORDICA is a modern all-Russian interdisciplinary scientific-educational and expert-analytical platform for conducting research in the field of Nordic studies and training.

Head: Dr. of Philology, Professor Irma Mullonen.
Deputy head: Candidate of History, associate Professor Irina Takala

Year of Center establishment – 2016

Functioning purposes

The main goal is the consolidation and effective coordination of the activities of Russian experts in the field of learning and teaching of history, cultures, languages of Finland and other Northern European countries, the expansion of international cooperation.

The center aims to promote:
- creation of effective system of interdisciplinary cooperation of experts, the effective integration of scientific and educational institutions of the system of Russian Academy of Sciences and the higher school;
- the high quality of scientific research in the field of Nordic studies, expansion of research issues;
- training highly qualified specialists for the needs of science and education, as well as professionals in the field of international cooperation in the North of Europe for the state and municipal management;
- scientific and expert support of regional, cross-border and international cooperation.

Major research trends

• Research work
• Educational activities
• International cooperation
• Publishing and expert activities
The Coordinating Council of the Center:

Mullonen Irma
Vinokurova Irina
Zhukov Alexey
Zaitseva Nina
Ilyukha Olga
Kalaberda Anna
Kochkurkina Svetlana
Markova Elena
Mironova Valentina
Takala Irina
Tolstikov Alexander
Yalovitsyna Svetlana

International Expert Council of the Centre: in the stage of formation

The Centre's partners (at the consultation stage):

Institute of language, literature and history Karelian research centre,
Petrozavodsk state University,
Petrozavodsk state Conservatory.

We have the relationships with Russian and foreign universities and research centres for Nordic studies.
Among them:
Institute of General history RAS,
St.-Petersburg Institute of history RAS,
Moscow state University,
Saint Petersburg state University,
the universities of Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Murmansk.

Centre NORDICA is open for new contacts with foreign partners working at universities in Finland, Nordic countries, Baltic States, UK, Germany, USA and Canada.


Senior Researcher, Deputy Head, Cand. (PhD) of History, Assistant Professor