KarRC RAS structure

Laboratory of Hydrochemistry and Hydrogeology

Acting Head: Cand. (PhD) of Chemistry, Assistant Professor Ryzhakov, Alexandr

Major research trends

  • Study of chemical content of water and bottom sediments in reservoirs of humid zone and it's change under the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors.
  • Development of the scientific basis for chemical monitoring of natural water bodies.
  • Study of acidification and eutrophication in natural reservoirs.
  • Experiments to define main causes of sewage water toxicity.
  • Main features of formation and distribution of subterranean waters in Karelia; perspectives of their economical use.
  • Monitoring of subterranean water quality.
  • Staff

    Senior Research Associate, Cand. of Geology & Mineralogy, Assistant Professor
    Senior Research Associate, Cand. (PhD) of Chemistry, Senior Researcher
    , Cand. (PhD) of Techn.
    Research Associate, Cand. (PhD) of Chemistry
    Leading Programming Engineer
    Junior Research Associate
    Chief Hydrochemists
    Research Associate
    Chief Hydrochemists

    Contact information

    Official title: Northern Water Problems Institute of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    Address: Aleksander Nevsky st., 50
    185030 Petrozavodsk,
    Republic of Karelia
    Contact phone(s): +7(8142)57-65-41
    Fax: +7(8142)57-84-64