KarRC RAS structure

Laboratory of Geography and Hydrology

Head: Cand. (PhD) of Geography Толстиков, А.В.

Major research trends

  • Water resource potential of the region, scientific basis on sustainable management of water resources.
  • Analysis of complex use and conservation of water resources under changing socio-economical conditions and increasing anthropogenic impact on water bodies and their catchments.
  • Research of vapor exchange in forest and swamp ecosystems under the impact of climatic and anthropogenic factors.
  • Satellite monitoring of water bodies in Karelia to estimate their water quality and state of catchment areas.
  • Implementation of GIS of different types for estimating the ecological state of seas, lake and river systems in Karelia.
  • New technologies to develop thematic atlases and maps of natural resources in Republic of Karelia.
  • Analysis of the climate change and its effect on water systems.
  • Staff

    Research Associate, Cand. (PhD) of Techn.
    Junior Research Associate
    Senior Research Associate
    Research Engineer
    Senior Research Associate, Vice-Director for Science of the Northern Water Problems Institute, Cand. (PhD) of Geography
    Карпечко, В.А.
    Chief Hydrologist
    Коваленко, Василий Николаевич
    Chief Hydrologist
    Матвеев , С.Л.
    Chief Hydrologist