February 8, 2023
Joint session of the Learned Councils of the Karelian Research Center RAS, Petrozavodsk State University, and Karelian Branch of RANEPA, timed to the Russian Science Day, was held on February 8. Scientists were congratulated by representatives of regional authorities, educational and cultural organizations. The main agenda was devoted to the current Year of Teacher and Mentor.
Opening the session, KarRC RAS Director General Olga Bakhmet thanked the audience for commitment to science and congratulated them on the Science Day.

I would like to wish that your work would never turn into routine, that you enjoy it, that it would always provide nourishment for your mind and heart. I wish you optimism, cheerfulness, novel solutions and realization of your most daring ideas," said the leader addressing the scientists.

Olga Bakhmet handed out departmental awards to employees. The title of "Honorary Worker of Science and High Technology of the Russian Federation" for significant contribution to scientific activities and for many years of diligent work was awarded to Alexander Slabunov, Deputy Director General KarRC RAS, and to Alexander Kirillov, Leading Researcher at the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research KarRC RAS.

KarRC RAS Director General Olga Bakhmet hands over award to Alexander Slabunov

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia Elissan Shandalovich participated in the session of Learned Councils. He emphasized the important mission of science.

Without science, without your work, it is hard to imagine the modern society and the process of its development. The range of your scientific interests is fascinating: from the movement of continents and the basics of the probability theory to applied things related to the life of our republic. Conservation of cultural heritage, development of industry, economy, agriculture - you have contributed greatly to all of this. Thank you very much for your dedicated work. I wish you success in your scientific investigations, new ideas and their implementation, - was the greeting from the Speaker of the Karelian Parliament.

Chairman of the Republic of Karelia Legislative Assembly Elissan Shandalovich congratulates scientists

Elissan Shandalovich also congratulated the employees and handed Letters of Acknowledgement from the Legislative Assembly: to Olga Bakhmet, Director General of KarRC RAS, for her conscientious work, fruitful science-administration and educational activities, significant personal contribution to handling issues of the socio-economic development of Karelia related to the environment and sustainable use of natural resources and to Nikolai Filatov, Chief Researcher at NWPI KarRC RAS, for his long-term research activities and for significant contribution to addressing issues in water use and protection in Karelia.

Sergey Kiselev, Minister of Ethnic and Regional Policy of Karelia, wished scientists success in their creative endeavors.

To our Ministry, science is not something abstract, but concrete work, for example, with the Institute of Linguistics, Literature, and History KarRC RAS. We also work with the Karelian Branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration on the development of municipalities and with the Petrozavodsk State University in training Finno-Ugric language teaching staff. We have already had contacts with the Institute of Economics KarRC RAS on issues related to the development of the Petrozavodsk agglomeration. Science finds specific applications in our work in the republic, - the Minister said.

Sergey Kiselev hands a Letter of Acknowledgement to Aleksey Pekkoev

Letters of Acknowledgement from the Head of the Republic of Karelia were awarded to Nadezhda Genikova and Aleksey Pekkoev, Senior Researchers at the Forest Research Institute KarRC RAS, and Pavel Petrov, Head of the Department for International Cooperation at KarRC RAS.

Republic of Karelia Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Industry Ekaterina Vinogradova also handed several Letters of Acknowledgement from the ministry, including one to Natalia Fokina, KarRC RAS Secretary for Science, for active participation in the Decade of Science and Technology in 2022.

Science means progress, innovation, expert personnel, and a dynamic development of sectors of the economy. I wish all of you success, new discoveries, achievements and prosperity. We thank you for your work and look forward to further cooperation, - said Ekaterina Vinogradova.

Ekaterina Vinogradova congratulates KarRC RAS Secretary for Science Natalia Fokina

Completing the celebratory part of the session, Mikhail Goldenberg, Director of the National Museum of Karelia, addressed the audience: " Any normal person is awed by the word "science", because science is everything that is ahead and everything that is happening now. The National Museum is in very close contact with science, you are our battery." The Museum Director presented gifts to Olga Ilyukha, Director of the Institute of Linguistics, Literature and History (ILLH) KarRC RAS, and to Olga Bakhmet, KarRC RAS General Director.

The main agenda of the learned councils session was devoted to the Year of Teacher and Mentor, announced by Russian presidential decree. The first lecturer was Olga Ilyukha, Director of ILLH KarRC RAS. She spoke about the socio-cultural roles and the status of the school teacher in Karelia in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Having analyzed documents of official and personal nature, periodicals, and using the approaches developed in "everyday history", the scientist reconstructed the formation process of teaching as a mass profession in Karelia. The focus of the study was the rural school, which was developing at an accelerated pace in connection with the implementation of plans for universal primary education.

Scientific lecture by ILLH KarRC RAS Director Olga Ilyukha

Oleg Kulagin, Director of the Institute of Education and Psychology at PetrSU, presented the university's experience in implementing new approaches to the training of teaching staff for the region. The university currently has 1852 students studying to be teachers. To help integrate students, to provide a comfortable and creative environment for the work of project teams, the institute has created a pedagogical innovation park. PetrSU publishes a rated journal "Continuous Education: 21st Century". In the next academic year the university can admit 8 doctoral students in teacher education.

RAS Academician, Research Area Leader at KarRC RAS Nina Nemova gave a lecture entitled "Leading Scientific School (Centre of Excellence) "Ecological Biochemistry of Animals". The Ecological Biochemistry Laboratory of the Institute of Biology KarRC RAS celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2022. This scientific school was founded in the late 1950s. Its leading status was cemented in 2003, when it received a grant from the Russian Presidential Program for support to research by young Russian scientists holding post-doctoral degrees and for governmental support to leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation. Most of the team's research is related to the study of biochemical and molecular-genetic mechanisms behind the adaptive reactions in organisms of various groups. Nowadays, the scientific school has an optimized age structure, fully meets the criteria for leading scientific schools and is geared for long-term operation.

RAS Academician Nina Nemova tells about the Leading Scientific School (Center of Excellence) Ecological Biochemistry of Animals

The session of the KarRC RAS Learned Council was concluded by awarding of the winners of the Young Scientists Contest.

Thematic exhibitions for the Russian Science Day were prepared by the Scientific Archives and the Scientific Library of the Karelian Research Center RAS.

Photo report from the session is available on Karelian Research Centre VK page.

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