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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 7. Сер. Биогеография
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 6. Biogeography. 2017.
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Articles in journal:

O.V. Sidorova, E.Yu. Churakova. The plant cover of meadows and heaths of dry karst-glacial valleys in Soyanskyi state biological nature reserve of the regional level (Arkhangelsk region)3
S.F. Komulaynen, P.A. Lozovik, A.N. Kruglova, I.A. Baryshev, Yu.L. Slastina, N.A. Galibina. Present-day condition of the Syskyänjoki river (Lake Ladoga catchment, Republic of Karelia)19
A.V. Kravchenko, E.A. Borovichev, Yu.R. Khimich, M.A. Fadeeva, S.A. Kutenkov, V.A. Kostina. Noteworthy records of plants, lichens and fungi in the Murmansk region34
O.N. Ezhov, A.V. Ruokolainen, I.V. Zmitrovich. Aphyllophoroid fungi of the Kiy archipelago. species composition and mycobiota characteristics51
A.V. Matyukhin, A.V. Artemiev, I.N. Panov. Parasitological studies of birds: louse-flies (Diptera: Hippoboscidae) in Karelia60
L.V. Anikieva, E.P. Ieshko. An annotated species list of parasites found in european smelt Osmerus eperlanus (L.)73
E.N. Frolova, S.P. Gaponov. Steppe viper (Vipera renardi (Christoph, 1861)) in the museum-reserve Divnogorie93
S.V. Pashkov, V.S. Vilkov. Evaluation of the effectiveness of protected areas in Northern Kazakhstan forest steppe in the situation of full coverage by agriculture100
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