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Значение исследований технологической минералогии в решении задач комплексного освоения минерального сырья
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2007. 200 с.

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Articles in proceedings:

Pirogov B.I. Technological mineralogy of useful minerals as a basis for assessment of their integrity6
Shchiptsov V.V. Role of technological mineralogy in evaluation of the multi-purpose application of industrial minerals from the Republic of Karelia16
Lygina Т.Z. Integrated processing of nonmetallic useful minerals as the basis of innovation projects28
Melentyev G.B. Basic research methods for and the results of integrated appraisal of natural and artificial useful mineral deposits35
Ozhogina Е.G., Kuzmin V.I., Rogozhin А.А. Morphostructural studies as part of industrial evaluation of mineral products58
Kotova О.B., Ponaryadov А.V. Contribution of nanosized technological mineralogy studies to the integrated development of mineral products: outlook for the future65
Ozhogin D.О., Ruzhitsky V.V., Dubinchuk, V.Т. Potential of electron microscopy in technological evaluation of finely dispersed ores69
Azarnova L.А. Some aspects of the technological mineralogy of skarn iron ore from the Yunyaginskoye deposit73
Levchenko E.N, Maksimyuk I. Е. Mineralogical and technological studies of Ni-Cu-Co ore from the Shanuch deposit, Kamchatka75
Ilyasova А.М., Aminev, R.H. Problems in mineralogical studies on correction of Cu-Zn and base metal ore flotation schemes82
Levchenko М.L., Grigoryeva, А.V. Appraisal of the technological properties of rare-metal placers by technological mineralogy methods based on examples of titanium-zirconium sand from the Semenovskaya prospecting and exploration area84
Voitekhovsky Y.L. Modes of occurrence of platinoids in Karikjarvi Group intrusives, Kola Peninsula90
Morokhov V.А. Multi-factor evaluation of the technological properties of quartz as a raw material used for industrial purposes (fragment)94
Krylova G.I. Problems in reliable identification of forms and quantities of impurity elements in natural quartz104
Danilevskaya L.А., Skamnitskaya L.S. Microimpurities in quartz and their effect on the degree of purification during dressing128
Anufrieva, S.I., Ozhogina, Е.G. Characteristics of the mineralogical and analytical study of natural types of shungite rocks135
Kevlich V.I., Filippov М.М. Higher anthraxolites of bithumolitic rocks from the Zazhogino deposit145
Lebedeva G.А., Ilyina V.P., Skamnitskaya L.S. Technological studies of alkaline syenites and dressing waste and their integrated use151
Khazov R.А. Kaivomyaki and Raivomyaki deposits of complex potential strontium-barium-bearing alkalinefeldspathic, rare-earth-titanite and apatite raw materials156
Trofimova F.А., Lygina Т.Z., Demidova М.I., Gubaidullina А.М. Study of the formation of organomontmorillonitic complexes and the possibility of producing organobenthonitic clays from low-grade benthonite162
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Gubaidullina А.М., Lygina Т.Z., Vlasov V.V., Halepp L.V., Trofimova F.А. Study of the physico-chemical aspects of production of pigments from natural iron oxides173
Kotova О.B., Shushkov D.А. Timan analcime-bearing rocks as a potential source of aluminium raw material178
Shadrunova I.V., Koptseva N.V., Kolodezhnaya Е.V., Efimova Yu.Yu. The potential of a computer system for image analysis анализа and methods for testing mechanical properties to assess the efficiency of reworking of ores and artificial raw materials185
Shekov V.А., Ivanov А.А., Myasnikova О.V. 3-D modelling of minerals in rocks and its application187
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