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Digital Libraries is a field of research and development aiming to promote the theory and practice of processing, dissemination, storage, search and analysis of various digital data. The purpose of the series of All-Russian Research Conferences on Digital Libraries (RCDL) is to stimulate consolidation of the Russian digital libraries community and encourage research in this field. All-Russian Research Conference RCDL'2009 is the Eleventh Conference on this subject (1999 St. Petersburg, 2000 Protvino, 2001 Petrozavodsk, 2002 Dubna, 2003 St. Petersburg, 2004 Puschino, 2005 Yaroslavl, 2006 Suzdal, 2007 Pereslavl-Zalessky, 2008 Dubna). The RCDL'2009 Proceedings include the texts of reports, short papers and posters selected by Program Committee RCDL'2009.

The conference was organized with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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Articles in proceedings:

V.V. Mazalov, V.T. Vdovitsyn, M.R. Kogalovsky, L.A. Kalinichenko. Preface15
Kurt Sandkuhl. Demand-oriented Information Supply of Digital Content19
Reznichenko V.A., Proskudina G.Yu, Kudim K.A. Conceptual Model of Digital Library23
Zakharov A.A., Filippov V.I. Digital library logical model in ENIP ontology32
Obuhova O.L., Biryukova T.K., Gershkovich M.M., Soloviev I.V., Chochia A.P. The method for dynamic association of informational objects in knowledge base39
Snarskii A.A., Lande D.V., Zhenirovsky M.I. Discovering implicit relations of concepts46
Parinov S.I., Kogalovsky M.R. An approach to support electronic research publications as "living" documents53
Sychev A.V. The Study of The Profiles Features for Russian Blog Communities Hosted at LiveJournal: Regional Aspect59
Rabchevsky E.A. Automatic ontology construction based on lexical-syntactic patterns for information retrieval69
Lomov P.A., Shishaev M.G. Ontological semantics of the text: formatting of interpretation in the semantic dictionary78
Tarasov S.D. The research and parameter's optimization of Manifold Ranking Algorithm based on automatically summarization evaluation metric by ROUGE-RUS86
Selbach S. Using Fingerprints in n-Gram Indices94
Rauber A. IT Research Challenges in Digital Preservation103
Romanov M.Y., Zhitlukhin D.A. On integration Antiplagiat system in Russian State Library113
Kotliarov I.D. Electronic library for publication of results of Ph.D. and post-doctoral theses120
Skvortsov N.A. Formal representation of metainformation for some approaches to ontology reconciliation133
Lezin G.V. Ontological semantics of the text: formatting of interpretation in the semantic dictionary141
Sandkuhl K., Smirnov A., Mazalov V., Vdovitsyn V., Tarasov V., Krizhanovsky A., Lin F., Ivashko E. Context-Based Retrieval in Digital Libraries: Approach and Technological Framework151
Leonova Yu., Fedotov A. Research of the user preferences for the control and Internet traffic optimisation in the organisation158
Lundqvist M., Mazalov V., Sandkuhl K., Vdovitsyn V., Ivashko E. Do Digital Libraries satisfy Users Information Demand? Findings from an Empirical Study167
Marchuk A.G., Marchuk P.A. Archival Factographic System177
Abramov S.M., Znamenskij S.V., Zhivchikova N.S., Kotomin A.N., Titova E.V. Information System for Complex Collaboration Technologies Development186
Salnikova E.E., Salnikov S.A., Kuznetsov S.D. Content Management in Large Technological Internet Libraries193
Zuev D.S. Models and features of prototype construction of digital library management system in institutes of higher education203
Kravtsov I.V. Information models and technologies for the web community of researchers in the field of historical documents publication and analysis210
Solomatov V.Yu. The system for generation of dynamic web pages219
Parinov S.I. Digital libraries development is a way to Open Science225
Alexeev S.S., Morozov V.V., Simakov K.V. Machine learning in information extraction having etalon database237
Kormalev D.A., Kurshev E.P., Suleimanova E.A., Trofimov I.V. Information extraction in ISIDA-T system247
Prokofjev P.A. Using the methods of information extraction in the geographic referencing of russian texts254
Hung Pham D.Q. Semi-supervised learning with Markov Logic Networks and application to temporal information processing259
Turdakov D. Sense disambiguation of Wikipedia terms based on Hidden Markov Model267
Rogov A.A., Sidorov Yu.V., Sedov A.V., Gurin G.B., Kotov A.A., Nekrasov M.Yu. Some features of formation of digital corpus of texts with syntactic markup276
Abramov V.E., Abramova N.N., Karnatskaja A.A., Rozhkov V.M. Corporate translation Network using special digital Libraries284
Roubtsov D.N., Barakhnin V.B. On the possibility of duplicates struggle when performing queries to heterogeneous bibliographic sources293
Vasilyev V.G. Thematical arrangement of texts for creating digests299
Grechnikov E.A., Gusev G.G., Kustarev A.A., Raigorodsky A.M. Detection of Artificial Texts306
Pavlov A.S., Dobrov B.V. Detecting Web Spam Created With Markov Chains Text Generators311
Sharapov R.V., Sharapova E.V. The Using of Support Vector Machines for Link Spam Detection318
Elizarov A.M., Lipachev E.K., Malakhaltsev M.A. Management technology for multi-discipline scientific content based on Semantic Web325
Pechnikov A.A., Lugovaya N.B. Are the RCDL conferenses sites scientific web-communicators?329
Vovchenko A.E., Krupa A.V. Query planning over heterogeneous distributed information resources in the architecture of the subject mediators335
Ryabukhin O.V., Briukhov D.O., Kalinichenko L.A. Views expressions construction at information resource registration in typed subject mediator343
Novytskyi A.V. A review of some of the integration of heterogeneous resources in digital libraries350
Kolotov V.P., Shirokova V.I., Alenina M.V. Relational database as the structured storage of a multilingual glossary of terms in analytical chemistry. Working out linguistic ontology359
Krizhanovsky A., Lin F. Related Terms Search Based on WordNet / Wiktionary and its Application in Ontology Matching363
Lebedev V.A. Roles of ontologies in Karelian Research Centre's digital library370
Avramenko A.E. Toward the Invariant Models of Pulsar Data in Spatial-Time Coordinate Systems379
Varlamov V.V., Vyazovsky V.V., Ekhlakov I.A., Komarov S.Yu., Peskov N.N., Semenov O.V., Stepanov M.E. New Digital Chart of Main Parameters of Giant Dipole Resonances of Atomic Nuclei386
Firsov K.M., Fazliev A.Z., Chesnokova T.Yu., Kozodoeva E.M. Distributed information-computational system Atmospheric radiation393
Kireitchuk A.G., Lobanov A.L., Smirnov I.S., Vakhitov A.T., Voronina E.P., Pugachev O.N. Digital animal collection and interactive keys of biological objects400
Grigoruk A.P., Braginskay L.P. Information support of vibroseismic monitoring408
Alenina M.V., Kolotov V.P. Scientometric investigation on development of works on development of low activation materials for fusion reactor414
Molorodov Yu.I., Smirnov V.V., Fedotov A.M. Services GIS data collection, storage and data processing field observation419
Kurchinsky D.N., Paley D.E., Smirnov V.N., Demidov P.G. Institute Of Higher Education Digital Library As System For Creating Educational Multimedia Objects Catalogue427
Rogov A.A., Rogova K.A., Kirikov P.V., Bystrov M.Yu. The Information System for Graphic Documents Electronic Collections Creating and Administration433
Minakov S.V., Finko O.A. Increasing reliable processing data on base of the electoral surplus coding semantics text units439
Ivashko E.E., Nikitina N.N. Some results of developing the unauthorized documents-copying protection system for digital libraries443
Borisovsky V.F., Korenkov V.V., Kuniaev S.V., Musulmanbekov G., Nikonov E.G., Filozova I.A. On Open Access Archive for publications of JINR staff members451
Gordeev D.A. Information system for medical institutions459
Moskin N.D. The solution of visualization and motive search problems in the digital library of folklore texts465
Trifonov S.I., Polyakov A.E. Technological process for preparation of publications, on example of Fundamental electronic library Russian literature and Folklore. Current state and the modernization principles475
Pronina L.A., Kopytova N.E., Shatalova N.V., Evstigneev A.N. Information-retrieval system "Reference editions on population and natute of the Tambov region of the 19-20th centuries" in the educational environment of the university479
Teymurazov K. Digital library as a tool of increasing efficiency of a postgraduate course481
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