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Труды КарНЦ РАН. No 5. Сер. Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии, вып. 2
2011. 142 с.
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 5. Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies. 2011. 142 p.

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Articles in journal:

E.S. Bernikovich. On the number of trees of a given size in a random unlabelled unrooted forest4
G.A. Borisov, T.P. Tikhomirova. Study of the mathematical model of a single processing line in the region’s fuel-&-energy sector10
Yu.V. Zaika. Stability of integral observability operators of analytical systems18
A.A. Ivashko, E.E. Ivashko. N-person optimal stopping game28
A.N. Kirillov. Invariant sets of a biological treatment process control system33
A.V. Lasunsky. Methods of investigating the stability of equilibrium positions in the nonautonomous systems, and some applications thereof38
Litinsky P.Yu. Multispectral imagery classification method based on spectral space modeling45
O.V. Lukashenko, E.V. Morozov, M. Pagano. Simulation of the Gaussian queue55
E.V. Morozov, R.S. Nekrasova. Estimation of blocking probability in a retrial queuing system with constant retrial rate63
E.V. Morozov, A.S. Rumyantsev. Multi-server models to analyze high performance cluster75
Yu.L. Pavlov. On the typical structure of configuration internet graph with known number of links86
N.I. Rodchenkova, E.K. Kostikova. Difference scheme for the boundary-value problem of hydrogen permeability in the presence of protective coating defect97
A.V. Sokolov, A.V. Drats. Optimal control of priority queue in single level memory103
S.V. Stafeev. On global identifiability conditions of factor analysis models111
I.A. Chernov. Mathematical substantiation of the method of morphological trajectories115
A.V. Shchiptsova. Multinomial logit analysis and competitive behaviour in the market120
В.Т. Вдовицын, А.Д. Сорокин, Е.Е. Ивашко, А.С. Румянцев, Н.Н. Никитина. Основные результаты деятельности ЦКП КарНЦ РАН «Центр высокопроизводительной обработки данных»125
В.В. Мазалов, А.А. Ивашко. Международная конференция «Стохастическая теория оптимальной остановки» (Петрозаводск, 12–16 сентября 2010 г.)130
В.В. Мазалов, Г.В. Воинова. Анатолий Дмитриевич Сорокин (к 75-летию со дня рождения)132
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