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Rock Carvings (Petroglyphs) in Karelia. 8

The process of creating petroglyphs in Karelia took a long time, and there are groups made at different times, which allow to reconstruct the process of the art evolution, define its main stages, understand the peculiar features of each. With all the common features Onega and White Sea petroglyphs have also considerable differences. These are found in topography, topics, style, techniques, nature of the compositions, general view of the rock pictures and the development line. E.g., Onega Lake petroglyphs are dominated by the images of water birds while the White Sea petroglyphs most commonly represent boats and people. Sea animals - white whales, walruses and, presumably, whales can be found in almost every rock picture in the White Sea area. At the same time Onega petroglyphs have only three representations of seal. The White Sea area has many distinct, often multi-figure compositions of the narrative nature. They are more true to life, tend to show some plot and dynamic action. Onega Lake petroglyphs are more metaphorical.

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Last modified: July 16, 2006