Dinkelaker N.V. Actual administrative mechanisms of a biological and landscape diversity preservation

Dep. of industrial ecology and resources, Saint-Petersburg national University of information technologies, mechanics and optics

Preservation of a biological and landscape diversity and opportunities of natural ecosystems restoration is a necessary condition of sustainable environmental use. Implementation of measures, directed on preservation of a steady state and biological value of forest ecosystems, is very important for the Northwest regions of Russia, especially in connection with their higher fragility and low restoration speed in comparison with more southern regions.
Questions of protection of a biodiversity, valuable natural landscapes and maintenance of natural dynamics of key forest ecosystems elements in a legislative framework in Russian Federation are presented fragmentary that reduces efficiency of their administrative regulation.
The analysis of requirements for a forest biodiversity preservation allows to allocate groups of the administrative legal mechanisms used with various degree of efficiency/
Organization of nature protected areas (NPA) (federal, regional, local level), creation of the protective forests and especially protective sites of the wood belong to the most effective mechanisms. Success of their application at the regional level is considerably reduced for a number of reasons, basic of which are:
- locality, insufficient area, lack of the representative nets of NPA and ecological corridors;
- lack of the approved administrative mechanisms of a resolution of conflicts between nature protection and silvicultural activity:
- insufficient development of legislative and normative base, partial absence of synchronization between nature protection requirements in various branches of the legislation and industry normative and technical documents (state standard specifications norms and regulations, standard methods, instructions).

In regions of the Northwest of Russia with insufficient data on forest biodiversity it is needed an, improvement of standard and legal base of environmental management in the main directions:
1. At the federal level:
- developing or correction of administrative legal mechanisms (administrative regulations) for introduction of economic activity restrictions in cases of finding of the forests having key value for preservation of a biological and landscape diversity;
- carrying out the program for synchronization of requirements of different normative legal acts and their correction according to requirements of the federal low
- development of requirements and methodical instructions for state ecological expertise of forest planning projects and documentation taking into account requirements of federal laws regarding protection of biological diversity/
2. At the regional level:
- developing of regional and interregional concepts and programs of creation of nature protection networks for preservation of forest biodiversity;
- improving of administrative procedures, implementation of full-component assessment of influence on forest ecosystems in procedure of state ecological expertise of forestry planning documentation.

Last modified: September 11, 2015