January 26, 2018
On January 25, 2018 KarRC RAS Learned Council had a meeting devoted to the key outcomes of the scientific and administrative activities of KarRC RAS scientific institutes in 2017. Reports about the work of their respective institutes were presented by: Dr. V.A. Ilyukha (Acting Director of the Institute of Biology), Dr. D.A. Subetto (Acting Director of the Northern Water Problems Institute), Dr. S.A. Svetov (Acting Director of the Institute of Geology), Dr. A.M. Kryshen’ (Acting Director of the Forest Research Institute), Dr. V.V. Mazalov (Acting Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research), Dr. T.V. Morozova (Acting Director of the Institute of Economics), Dr. O.P. Ilyukha (Acting Director of the Institute of Linguistics, Literature and History).
The speakers highlighted the key scientific results achieved by the staff of KarRC RAS institutes and pinpointed some problems in the organization of research arising from the lack of funding for the purchase and maintenance of costly equipment, fieldwork, support to young scientists, etc. Discussions following the presentations stressed the need for the staff to more actively publish their works, especially in journals listed in international databases, and to advertise the scientific results and achievements through mass media.

RAS Corr. Fellow O.N. Bakhmet told about the work of the Department of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research and emphasized the demand for promoting new promising areas of interdisciplinary research and for closer networking between KarRC RAS institutes. The concluding part of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of the current problems and possible lanes for the development of the Karelian Research Centre RAS, as well as plans for 2018.

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